Book Buzz: Little Wishes by Michelle Adams

A story of love long postponed but never forgotten, Little Wishes is a tale to be treasured.

Marie Bostwick

On her favorite day of the year, Elizabeth Davenport awakens in her cottage on the wild and windy Cornish coast, opens her front door, and discovers a precious gift: the small blue crocus and a note that begins I Wish . . . The notes are never signed, but she knows they’ve been left by her first and truest love, Tom Hale. Each of these precious missives conveys a simple wish for something they had missed and the life they might have shared if circumstances hadn’t forced them apart all those years ago. She has kept them all.

But on this day, what should have been the fiftieth anniversary of their falling in love, the gift fails to arrive. Could something have happened to Tom? Elizabeth has always been plagued by thoughts of “what if?” Propelled by worry and decades of pent up longing, Elizabeth packs a little suitcase, leaves Porthsennenon, and journeys to London . . . to find the love of her life once again.

Finding him, Elizabeth is faced with the desperate knowledge that any time they might have now is running out. Never before had she thought that she might truly lose time—forever. And now, knowing that life is too short, Elizabeth vows to fulfill as many of Tom’s wishes as she can. Yet she fears that her efforts may expose the shameful secret that, until now, has kept them apart.

Can she continue to hide the truth, or will she have the courage to reveal herself completely and finally make their dreams come true—before it’s too late?

Little Wishes is a stunningly-written journey of love and loss. A brilliant concept, a glorious setting, and a cast of characters you can’t help rally around. So many beautiful descriptions. So many moving moments. So many dabs of my eyes with a tissue. I absolutely adored it.
Helly Acton, author of The Shelf

Little Wishes by Michelle Adams

400 Pages

ISBN 9780063019560

Michelle Adams grew up in the UK and now lives in Cyprus with her husband, step-children, and young daughter. She is also the author of two psychological suspense novels, My Sister and Between the Lines.