Book Buzz: Liliana's Realms by Adam Altman

The fascinating world of Liliana and the mystical Guardian realm lives on in the series' latest addition, Liliana's Realms. This young adult series created by Adam Altman also includes the books Liliana's Fan, Liliana's Summer, and Liliana & Felip.  The story follows a young lady called Liliana. As a teenager, she does what most girls her age does. She goes to school and hangs out with her friends. But, Liliana is not just an ordinary girl. She is also the protector of a magical tree in the Redwoods. She possesses some abilities that other teenage kids do not have, such as communicating with animals through telepathy. Liliana is also able to foray into the Guardian Realm, a mystical world where her dreams reside. However, in Liliana's Realms, trouble brews in the Guardian Realm. Storms have wreaked havoc in the realm, Greg is nowhere to be found, Felip ventures into the unknown, and the troupe of kids that she is supposed to lead are in disarray. When everything is spinning out of control, Liliana falls to save not only herself but also her friends and the entire realm. Will she be able to reclaim the realm from destruction and bring her friends to safety? Does she have what it takes? Liliana's Realm is truly an exciting installment to Altman's series. Liliana's character has developed as the books progressed throughout the years, and this last installment rounds out her story and the realm in a surprising way. Fans of the series will meet familiar characters in an uncharted plot. It has Altman's signature way of storytelling that manages to realistically present fantasy. Fans of young adult fiction will get to explore teenage life, discover a new world, and meet new characters to relate to and root for.

Liliana's Realms by Adam Altman

522 Pages

ISBN 9781496167682

Growing up in Woodstock, NY, Adam Altman has been exposed to the creative arts for his entire life. He earned a Writing Arts degree from the State University of New York at Oswego and a graduate degree in Information Science from the University of Albany. He has written over 100 telecommunications articles published in various technology magazines and has been honored with writing scholarships and poetry awards. His fiction includes this omnibus, which highlights the entire Liliana Series. These young adult books deftly explores teenage life while also telling a story that engrosses readers of all ages. His acclaimed fantasy novels, set in the land of Tasmear, began with LifeShaker and continues with Dream Spells, released this year.