Book Buzz: Karyl: Unlocking Her Secrets by Karyl Maier

What's a girl to do? In a world where being a woman often leads to being treated as "less than," where your struggles are overlooked, and your achievements are undermined, what's a girl to do? Readers will find themselves asking this question throughout Karyl: Unlocking Her Secrets by Karyl Maier. This story is about Karyl, a girl born into a family who is expecting an heir to their taxi business. Unfortunately for her, a girl is not considered fit to run their family's trade. This is only the beginning of Karyl's struggles. Since she was a child, Karyl grew up fighting for her happiness and her place in life. As she did, obstacles confronted her at every turn - in her career, in her marriage, and in pursuing her dreams. In many ways, Karyl's story exemplifies what it means to be a woman in this world. Many of Karyl's struggles resonate with the challenges women face even today, anywhere in the world. Like Karyl, so many women struggle for happiness and success in a world built to oppose them in every step. Karyl: Unlocking Her Secrets also celebrates women's potential to overcome the odds. She may have had what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in her family life, career, and even her relationships, but she still managed to overcome them. Not only that, but she has also achieved so much in life despite the odds. This story is for every woman and girl who faces adversity because of their gender and even beyond that. Karyl is determined to live the life that she wanted, even if the odds were not always on her side. Karyl, in each stage of her life, is a mirror to each and every woman. Karyl: Unlocking Her Secrets is a story about family, romance, womanhood, and, more importantly of inspiration.

Karyl: Unlocking Her Secrets by Karyl Maier

226 Pages

ISBN 9781546268291

Karyl Maier, an English teacher, has a master's degree in education. She enjoys travel and writing lyrics, children's books, and novels. Karyl has two children and lives in the Midwest.