Book Buzz: K. C. Cop: No Time for Donuts by Bob Hartman

Being a police officer is a difficult and controversial job. Nonetheless, it is a profession that yields the most interesting stories. Author, Bob Hartman, was a police officer from 1982 to 1995. He served at the Kansas City Police Department as a detective in the Bomb and Arson Unit, the Burglary and Auto theft Units, and the Homicide Unit. Working in these units has given Hartman a front-row seat to the most bizarre, humorous, sad, and graphic stories. He shares the roller-coaster ride of being a cop in his book, K. C. Cop: No Time for Donuts.

Some of Hartman's stories are humorous that they are almost unbelievable. But, cops see things daily that civilians are not privy to. Take a strange thing that you have witnessed and imagine if your job was being called to those incidents. Hartman concedes that some of the "cop humor" may not be palatable to every reader. These are jokes and side comments that may not be politically correct but there is nothing "regular" about being a cop. Humor, according to Hartman, is one of the ways that many in the law enforcement use to cope with the mental stress that they experience a day in and day out. Take it with a grain of salt.  

In this book, readers will also find many graphic stories. They reflect what truly happened out on the streets and what they have to deal with on the job. Just as law enforcers take note of every detail so that judges and juries will have a full understanding of the event, Hartman has written his stories just as they happened.

Whether it be humorous, graphic, tragic, or lucky, the stories in K. C. Cop: No Time for Donuts give readers a window into the daily life of police officers. The book introduces us to the people that they cross paths with every day, give a small understanding of what victims go through, and shines a light on certain situations in the hopes that others will learn from them.

K. C. Cop: No Time for Donuts by Bob Hartman

310 Pages

ISBN 9781728306476

Bob is a retired KC Police Officer and currently resides in Arkansas.