Book Buzz: Just a Season by Kemi Faloye

Why is this happening? and Why Us? these were the questions that author, Kemi Faloye had asked when she miscarried the second time. Unbeknown to her and her husband, it was only the beginning of a long journey filled with pain, frustration, and questions. 

Faloye had a total of eleven miscarriages in five years. She writes about her experiences, challenges, and victories in her book, Just a Season.

The experience of losing a child, at any stage, is a painful, frustrating, and isolating experience. It is a sensitive topic in our society that is often discussed in hushed voices or not at all. Motherhood is expected of every woman, whether desired or not, which adds to the guilt and shame of those who are trying to conceive but are unsuccessful in doing so.

In Just a Season, Faloye shares the message that women who have experienced a miscarriage are not alone. They are not failures as their isolation often leads them to believe.

She also offers a message of hope. In her journey to motherhood, Faloye went through a season of being angry, hurt, and confused about God's purpose for her. After a lot of pain and a lot more prayers, she began to understand God's purpose. She grew to be confident of His promises. She also learned to fight for God's promises for her. Through her heartache and pain, she emerged stronger emotionally and have grown deeper in her faith. Her harrowing experience became a walk of faith.

As Faloye searched for answers, she has heard of other harrowing experiences of women with similar experiences. Just a Season is written for those who are bearing the challenges that come with infertility. Her testimony seeks to bring comfort and provide practical ways to deal with the negative emotions women and couples will face during this trying time.

I bought this book, I could not put it down. I love the fact I can relate with the writer as well as some things said by the testifier at the end of the book. Encouraging, motivating, faith filled book that helps you to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, though fertility is very broad, there is no mountain God cannot remove.
—Ann, Amazon Reader's Review

Just a Season by Kemi Faloye

110 Pages

ISBN 9781490847115

Kemi Faloye is a qualified solicitor working in corporate governance. Kemi experienced eleven miscarriages within five years of marriage. She never stopped trusting God and eventually broke through, receiving her miracle son after this protracted period where her faith in God was severely tested. She is passionate about encouraging couples who are facing challenges regarding conception and childbirth to stand firm and wait patiently for the manifestation of God’s promises. Kemi enjoys listening to music, dancing, and writing poetry. She is married and is blessed with a son. She resides in Essex, United Kingdom.