Book Buzz: Journeys by Karl Hicken

The difference between the journey of life to any other journey is that life is not just about the passage of time or leaving one place to get to the other. In the journey of life, each slice of time and every place never leaves the traveler. Author, Karl Hicken documents the many parts of his life's journey in a collection of poems aptly titled, Journeys. Each poem is called Journey followed by a number. In a paint by numbers style tour, Hicken takes us to his journey from boy through manhood. Some of his work evokes the astounding simplicity of childhood, where one still had the time to wonder about everything. In some poems, he takes us to the arduous yet powerful transformation from boy to man. In Journey 6, Hicken takes us to school. This poem takes us to that simpler time when milk, cookies, recess, and friends can seem like the entire world. Hicken brings us back to this world in vivid detail that it feels like we are there, standing in the schoolyard with him. In Journey 33 and 34, Hicken writes the thoughts and feelings of a young boy coming of age. This transformation to becoming a man is significant and, at times, painful. For most men, this transformation determines the course of their entire life. In these poems, and many surrounding the subject, Hicken gives us a glimpse of what this time must have been for him. Reading through Journeys, readers will find someone with a sense of longing and nostalgia. Other times, it feels like it is from someone who has finally taken shelter from those that haunt him. In most cases, it feels like both are happening at the same time. Such is the journey of life. 

As I read Journeys I was compelled onward to undiscovered treasures. Although many of the verses share golden moments of insight, the most dynamic poems are those which bring the reader closest to the poet.
― Laurie, Amazon Reader's Review

Journeys by Karl Hicken

148 Pages ISBN 9781588513977