Book Buzz: It Happened at Dawn: A Hybrid Memoir by Shanna Lee James

For most people, their twenties signal the beginning of the rest of their lives. It is a time where everything seems possible. It is a time to feel invincible, old enough to be capable of doing things, and young enough to not be too tainted with life's ferocity.

For Shanna Lee James, author of It Happened at Dawn: A Hybrid Memoir: a Story of Strength to Overcome Overwhelming Adversity, her twenties held a different promise.

While in her twenties, James' hopes and aspirations for her future were stifled by a life-altering diagnosis. She was told that she will be disabled and in a wheelchair by the time she reaches her forties. With this diagnosis, most would succumb to their assigned faith even earlier than they have to. However, James did the unthinkable. She defied her "life sentence." What should have crushed her spirit fueled her to unveil her capabilities. She did not let her diagnosis or anything else stand in her way.

How did she do it? Throughout James' "hybrid memoir" It Happened at Dawn, we read about a woman who has faced adversity from a very young age. In each chapter, she writes about parts of her life where she has had to overcome an obstacle. So, when her diagnosis came, she did what she has done her whole life. She overcame.

James lives by the words, "Just because the sun set yesterday does not mean there won't be a fresh new dawn tomorrow." No matter how dark things got, James always looked forward to a new day and embraced it fully when it came. In It Happened at Dawn, she shares her story, hoping that her readers will be empowered to look to the future and embrace each new day, seizing the promise of a brand new opportunity to fulfill their dreams. 

A must-read! I tore open my package, and could not stop reading! What a wonderful read, a true joy, and for many, of us 'Baby Boomers' we could easily associate with the times, the memories, life with our family and friends!
Paul Clinton, Amazon Reader's Review

It Happened at Dawn: A Hybrid Memoir by Shanna Lee James

156 Pages

ISBN 9781982242114

Shanna worked in health care for forty-three years; graduated from a children's writing course, and currently writes uplifting blogs on a large health and fitness site.