Book Buzz: In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B by Solari Jenkins

"If you're considering starting a J O B search, start by reading this. It's an easy read, and sheds light on the hiring manager and recruiter's perspective - things you need to know to have an edge over the competition." Brian O

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With more than twenty years of experience as a recruiter, job coach, and career consultant, author Solari Jenkins knows the inner workings of getting the job that you want. He is an expert in career building and an insider when it comes to the process of selecting and hiring the best candidate for the job. In his book, In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B: From an Insider's Perspective, he lets his readers in on how companies base their hiring decisions and what one can do to secure the job. 

In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B: From an Insider's Perspective guides job seekers in any industry on how they can approach the before, during, and after applying for a job. It includes essential preparations such as how to construct a professional resume, researching the position and company you want to be considered for, and dressing for success. This book is a comprehensive guide on what most think to be the most anxiety-inducing part of the application process, which is the interview. Whether you are in a one-on-one or panel interview setting, there are questions that you should be ready for and questions that you should. This book makes helps you come prepared for every interview you come in for. Jenkins also includes useful advice on how to respond to rejection and nurture relationships with companies and professionals that you want to work with.

There are a lot of things that go into a company's recruiting and hiring process that most job applicants are not privy to. This includes common mistakes that candidates make, why some recruiters don't call back, and what hiring managers base their decisions upon. In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B: From an Insider's Perspective removes the mystery so that you can overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from the job that you want.

"Very easy to read and follow. Well grounded insights and thoughts. Very sound advice to job seekers."
-Amazon Book Review

In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B: From an Insider's Perspective by Solari Jenkins

134 pages

ISBN 9781504971058

“Mr. Jenkins provides the keys to successful employment searches and job advancement. This is the most comprehensive, thorough, and accurate guide that you will find. It is well written and based upon a generation of experience. With this guide, you cannot go wrong.” Dr. Benjamin Bowser, Professor Emeritus, California State University, East Bay, and author of “Confronting Diversity Issues on Campus.” “After having recruited for thirty years, I find myself wishing this book had been available to me when I started. Not only is this something every job seeker should read, but it is something recruiters and hiring managers should read. Solari takes the hiring process and breaks it down to such detail that everyone who reads it is going to understand hiring much better than they did before. It is a must-read for anyone involved in the hiring process. I highly recommend this book.” Jon Gundersgaard, Former Staffing Administrator, Seagate Technology