Book Buzz: In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America’s Occupation by Reg B Two Stones


If there is one thing about Reg B Cornejo's book, In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America's Occupation: An Analysis of the Constitution to Stop the Cultural Genocide of America, that everyone can agree on, it is that it is highly controversial. 

Cornejo embarks on changing the political and cultural direction and scene by publishing his view on immigration, preserving what he views as the American culture, and the role of politics and media in shaping what comprises the American society.

In Defense of the Constitution opens with Cornejo's views on "Big Business", the media companies they operate, and the messages they pass on to the public. Cornejo explains his take on how all of these moving parts have ushered the Obama administration and its politics, particularly his immigration reforms policies.

Cornejo does not mince words when writing about his views on immigration. He likens the presence of people of Mexican descent in the country as an occupation instead of an immigration. He presents his case on how this could be compared to the Armenian Genocide after World War II.

He believes that there is a "cultural genocide" happening in present-day America. He laments how some politicians are breaking Federal law to protect Mexican immigrants and their American-born children.

As he admits, Cornejo's opinions and politics are controversial in that not every reader who comes across his work will agree with his views. As the author writes in his book, he shares his thoughts to provide those who share the same belief system the tools to combat those who are threatening what they consider as "good, old Christian values."

In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America’s Occupation by Reg B Cornejo

468 Pages

ISBN 9781491850473

Reg. B Two Stones, a graduate of the CSU system, has taught at California Junior Colleges, high schools, and grammar school districts. He has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle-Examiner, Visalia Times-Delta, The Native Magazine, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, The McFarland Press, The Delano Record, Inside Tennis, and The Ventura County Record, to name a few of the publications. He holds degrees in Social Science, Business Administration (with an emphasis in Corporate Finance and Accounting), Sociology (with an emphasis in Social Psychology and Deviant Behavior), English-Communications (with an emphasis in television, radio, and journalism), and an MA in English Composition (with an emphasis in Linguistics and TEFL/TESL). Two Stones is a registered and documented North American Indian with Lipan/Mescalero Apache roots (Mother), and also claims Portuguese and Spaniard heritage thanks to his immigrant father. He notes this book is not about him, but about saving our beloved American Nation, its Western Christian Culture, America's flag (Old Glory), and America's Constitution and its principles that once made America a nation of laws.