Book Buzz: I AM Within by Roseanne D'Erasmo Script

We live in a world where we are surrounded by so many stimuli that compete for attention all throughout our waking hours. If we are honest, it even robs us of our time for rest. We have created so many distractions that we have developed a constant need to be entertained. The most challenging thing for us to do is, perhaps, to be still.

Roseanne D'Erasmo Script's I Am Within calls for us to be still and journey within ourselves. It is an invitation to focus on the right now. It encourages us to take the time to live in the present moment. How do we do this? When the very devices that are supposed to make our lives more efficient are the ones that now require our attention, how do we create a quiet moment to feel the energy around us? Script's prescription is meditation.

Meditation is a discipline of the mind and body. It is a universal connection where miracles are within our reach. It is the key to a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life.

However, for many people, meditation is inaccessible. It is a daunting task when most of us are used to a mind and body that cannot be still. Script, a certified Healing Touch Practitioner who has helped many clients with her expertise in healing and education, has designed her book, I Am Within, with easily digestible techniques and guides to mindful meditation. It brings the readers through the eyes of Joey and Melissa as their teacher helps them to be calm and go within. This book includes authentic examples of fun and useful techniques to help make meditation become part of your daily self-care routine. I Am Within is beautifully written and illustrated to serve as a practical and valuable meditation guide for all age groups.

"Meditation for all ages. Our noisy, busy, 21st century lives rarely allow us pause for calm, peaceful moments. I Am Within is a wonderfully written & colorfully illustrated guide to mindful meditation. It offers all ages simple techniques to connect mind, body, and emotions; enabling the reader to better live life in the present moment."
— Kathy, Amazon Reader's Review

I AM Within by Roseanne D'Erasmo Script

16 Pages

ISBN 9781477273722

Roseanne D'Erasmo Script is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Touch International. In addition, she has attained a Master's degree in Education and has practiced in this arena for nearly three decades. Roseanne has been working in the field of healing since 1998 and combines her expertise in healing and education to create an informational text about meditation. Her intention is that adults and children alike learn to connect with their inner selves through her book. Roseanne was moved to create books about meditation and energy by requests from her clients," How do we bottle you, your thoughts, your voice?" CD's available on and her books I AM a Rainbow, and I AM Within, and I AM Healer have been the result. Roseanne teaches classes in Buffalo, NY, on Meditation, Energy Healing, Chakras, and Stress Management, as well as providing healing treatments for her clients. She works with both children and adults in the field of relaxation. She collaborates with her son, Matt, a talented musician, to create relaxation and mediation CDs.