Book Buzz: How I Survived a Tough World with New Age Poetry by Suzanne Parker

Wrought with love, longing, and pain is Suzanne Parker's How I Survived a Tough World with New Age Poetry. This collection of poems is for those who have given their all into something that they love, whether it is to a person, a relationship, or a future, and have been reciprocated with disappointments. This collection is also for those who have experienced happiness and for those who are somewhere in between. 

Her poem, "Emergence," Parker expresses what she calls a purgatory. That place in love where one's whole being is aching and longing for the other but does not quite feel safe to express it yet. Between the lines, the longing, excitement, and frustration are so palpable that it takes the readers back to a place suspended between heartache and happiness.

In "Caution Signs" is a very intimate look into what is known as the cycle of abuse. Most of the time, the topic of abuse is talked about in hushed voices from the victims who lived through it. On the other side, it is sometimes met with judgment from those who are dumbfounded as to why those who are in an abusive relationship find it difficult to live. Through her words, the readers get a glimpse of a life lived with an abusive partner. Through this honest and raw account, readers are given the opportunity to understand and look beyond what can be seen from the surface.

Parker's poems, whether hopeful, painful or in limbo, always come from honesty.

How I Survived a Tough World with New Age Poetry offers poems that reflect the ups and downs of life. No matter where you are in your journey as you are reading this, there is something in what Parker has written or has dangled between the lines that will resonate with you.

Thought provoking and touching! A must have for the poetry lover. It is a rare, raw and beautifully written collection of poems, sonnets and limericks that will touch even the most critical reader.
―Amazon Reader's Review

How I Survived a Tough World with New Age Poetry by Suzanne Parker

54 Pages

ISBN 9781504978996

This book is a collection of Suzanne’s modern contemporary poetry. Her poetry conveys her feelings in regards to relationships that did not turn out the way she had intended. Suzanne started writing these poems in the 1980s and continued until the present of 2016. Poetry is her outlet for her feelings. This collection started as a daily diary, and she decided to publish it. “I know that there are a lot of people just like me that have not found happiness in personal relationships. I feel that life is a challenge. I had to get real tough to survive some of the things I have lived through.” Her book, “How I Survived a Tough World With New Age Poetry,” reveals some of Suzanne’s feelings and motivation to get through the rough times. She is also an athlete and a music lover. She plays the piano and guitar.