Book Buzz: Hands Across the Sea by Brian Cook

Law enforcement and its officers are part of our every day lives whether we recognize it or not. They have become almost-permanent fixtures of the communities they serve. However, not a lot of us know the men and women comprising the Agency, the various backgrounds they come from, and what they have to deal with daily.

Hands Across the Sea by author and retired lieutenant of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Brian Cook, lets the readers into the world of law enforcement. It opens up the often unseen personal and professional world of law enforcers. The story starts with a significant change to the Agency as it's head Sheriff Garrison Cottrell steps down without warning and appoints Brendan Callaghan. As with any organization, change ruffles more than a few feathers. In a room with an inexhaustible surplus of male egos, the transition does not go as smoothly as desired. The change in leader and leadership styles combined with personal and professional agendas test the character of every law enforcer in the Agency. Will the conflict seep into their professional relationships? Will it place the county that they swore to serve in jeopardy?

This book reveals the humans behind the uniform. At the beginning of the book, Cook writes, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, whether it's on a bicycle, clasped around a neck, or within a professional organization." Hands Across the Sea is a work of fiction, but it reveals many truths about the law enforcement structure and the people that make the Agency. It is a lesson in leadership and working within an organization.

Hands Across the Sea takes us to a profession often glamorized by the movies while the day to day reality is carefully hidden away from sight. Cook pulls from his many years in law enforcement to give us a realistic but not a less thrilling peek into a world foreign to most of us, civilians.

"Great book! Although this is a work of fiction it brings back many good and a few bad memories of my time in the office of the sheriff as a reserve deputy."
Donald S. Campbell, Amazon Reader's Review

Hands Across the Sea by Brian Cook

612 Pages

ISBN 9781681029474

Brian Cook gives it to you straight, no chaser, with his debut novel. He is a retired lieutenant of the Alameda Country Sheriff's Office with over 14 years in the supervisory trenches. Cook is a member of several writing groups and networks. He resides in Antioch, California, with his wife, Dauphne.