Book Buzz: God's Final Answer to Job s Controversy: The Leviathan by Edem Ameyou

#BookBuzz: God's Final Answer to Job s Controversy: The Leviathan by Edem Ameyou

The book of Job is one of the most controversial books in the Bible. The nature of the book itself—when, where, and how the book came to be, is surrounded by many theories. There are also numerous opinions on what the book is saying within its literal or symbolic interpretations.

Many have pondered on the meaning of the book of Job. In his book, God’s Final Answer to Job’s Controversy: the Leviathan, Pastor Edem Ameyou, talks about the great controversy of good and evil. The battle between good and evil is referenced many times throughout the Bible, but the story of Job is arguably one of the clearest demonstrations of it. The book starts with a discussion between God and Satan regarding Job’s life. He has suffered so many trials and tribulations, and he called on God for answers through all of them. In Job 13:15, he says, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him.”

God’s silence was long and agonizing. When He finally answered, it was through various elements in nature and a very strange creature. This creature is a wild animal referred to by some as the dragon or the devil. Others view it as a harmless sea creature. This creature is the Leviathan.

The Leviathan has puzzled many throughout the years. In this book, Pastor Edem Ameyou discusses his ideas regarding God’s final message to Job. Why this particular creature? What does it represent? Is this creature an instrument of God? Or is it Satan?

From the Author

Edem Ameyou is a Pastor. He has served as an Assistant Pastor in the Tagaytay International SDA church, Elder in the African Congregation (PIC-AUP), Prayer Ministry Director and various positions for the Burbank SDA church- Illinois Conference, a Director of the Fusion Prayer Ministry in the Adventist University of the Philippines, and a United Prayer Ministry Coordinator for the Philippines International Church.

He has conducted seminars in various places to help people understand the importance of their relationship with Jesus-Christ.