Book Buzz: From Holding Tight to Letting Go by Susan Torricellas

Poetry is one of the most beautiful expressions of life. Not surprising that poets write to express their love, sorrow, and everything in between. For author and poet, Susan Torricellas, poetry has been her form expression since her teen years. In her Poetry book, From Holding Tight to Letting Go, she reflects on the love, joy, and happiness of her six years of marriage. She also writes about her sorrow and experiences while caring for a loved one with the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

From Holding Tight to Letting Go begins with the end of Torricellas' 37 years of marriage when she lost her husband, Mel. This brought her to join a bereavement group where she met a new beginning in Bob. They became friends, and after the end of their first date, he handed her a single rose. She met a romantic, fell in love, and got engaged.

Her next poem To Live Again tells a story about a week before her wedding to Bob. In this poem, the readers can feel the palpable excitement of a bride, about to be married at almost 70. Torricellas also recalls their early days as friends and lovers. She remembers one of their first conversations that led Bob to ask her on her first date.

People ask Torricellas why they got married at what some might consider being late in life. To them, it was simple. Their marriage is an expression of their deep love for each other. This deep love carried them through their marriage. Even when her husband, Bob, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she never left her side. Until the end and despite his illness, the romantic that she married told her that he loved her.

From Holding Tight to Letting Go celebrates a love story. It reminds us to have hope after a loss and that love does not end when we lose someone.

From Holding Tight to Letting Go by Susan Torricellas

96 Pages

ISBN 9781982242466

Susan Torricellas is a 76-year-old widow, one of six siblings who grew up in Western Pa, Altoona. She has been writing poetry since her teen years and also published freelance stories in the Chester County press and the compass section of the Wilmington News Journal. A poem was published in Sunshine magazine and a story of a vegetarian in County line Magazine. Recently she had a short article published in Lancaster County Magazine where she resides, titled “What I love about living in Lancaster County” She met her husband Bob at a bereavement support group after they had both lost spouses a few years before. She still lives in their home in Peach Bottom Pa, near the Amish and surrounded by nature. Here is where she writes her poems of personal experiences, family, and nature. Susan has one married son and five Grandchildren.