Book Buzz: From Death to Blessing by Laurie Agius

Could there still be blessings after “Death?”

Laurie Agius proved to the world how he rose from “Death” on depression, alcoholism, homosexuality, suicide―you name it, he lived it―and made his way back to redemption and blessings.

From Death to Blessing shows a person’s vulnerability in this cruel hostile world and how easy it can put a person in a living dead state. This book echoes how a person’s moment of weakness can undo himself, and by being strong again; accepting fate and its harsh realities, one can survive.

But how?

This book makes the reader exclaim, "Oh no, not again?" This may be a chronicle of downfalls and personal triumphs. On the other side, this can be an eye-opener to the silent sufferers of this world. That there is still hope and now is the time to accept the support system around us. How a simple voice can change it all, Laurie Agius’ life story is living proof.

In contrast, this book shows the effects of bullying. How a simple flick of a finger to an ear can devastate and change a person’s life. It proves how bullying can affect the bully and the bullied. Filled with realizations, this book whispers a question―why wait, watch, and regret? Especially to the bullies who regret their actions their entire lives, why waste the rest of your life for a moment’s glory?

This may be the author’s Book of Gratitude to the “forces” behind his triumphs. A testimony of a good deed. Unprejudiced acceptance in all forms. A light at the end of the tunnel.

As the celebrated writer behind Hillsong Church’s 229 songs, Laurie was courageous to disclose his turbulent past to his fans. He made it known without fear that he is, in fact, a sinner glorifying his Savior through songs.

Everybody looks for inspiration for their works. But do they need to experience all failures to be creative? Definitely not.

Read this book to feel it all and be inspired. From Death to Blessing is the author’s dream “…to help people face pain from their pasts, to deal with it, and move on.”

From Death to Blessing by Laurie Agius

262 Pages

ISBN 9780648580720

Laurie Agius is 59 years old. He was bullied at school, which led to his battle with suicide and homosexuality, but through finding Jesus Christ, he was delivered and found his purpose in life to tell people about Jesus, sing, write lyrics for songs, and play the piano. He has many dreams that haven't been fulfilled. He is a very friendly and caring person who enjoys helping others.