Book Buzz: Four Masonic Children's Stories by Jaheem R. Hilts

Dedicated to his future children, author Jaheem R.Hilts pens four unique stories for his book, Four Masonic Children's Stories. Each story represents Hilts' vivid imagination as he presents magical worlds, fascinating characters, and extraordinary adventures.

A standout story in this collection titled Adventures of Little Mushroom and  Grill Cheese features two heroic dogs whose mission to save their master's life takes them to the unseen world and back. Little Mushroom and Grill Cheese are two extraordinary dogs cared for by a very spiritual man. One day, they find themselves tasked with saving their master's life. Although they find themselves in an unfamiliar realm, they bravely took on the challenge. The story follows as these two loyal friends find their way and the heroes within themselves. Little Mushroom and Grill Cheese shows readers how powerful prayer and faith in God is. Throughout their brave adventure, they become great role models to children and adults alike, showing how noble it is to be loyal to your friends and to take on each obstacle in life with courage and faith.

In each story, Hilts' imparts his perspective and lessons about friendship, love, spirituality, and more. The importance of prayer and steadfast faith in God is the overarching theme in these four stories. Through his stories and characters, Hilts show his readers that triumph is certain even in the face of adversities when we put our complete trust in God.  

Little Mushroom and Grill Cheese are not the only brave creatures that readers will meet in this book. Four Masonic Children'S Stories will introduce readers to other characters and unseen realms in its other stories. Inside Masonic Children's Stories, readers will also enjoy The Adventures of Footprints in a Magical World, The End of Mankind The Beginning of Creaturekind, and The Magical Adventure's Love and the Fountain at Storytime. 

Four Masonic Children's Stories by Jaheem R. Hilts

162 Pages

ISBN 9781546241546

My name is Jaheem Rashon Marcus Anthony Hilts. I was born in New York. I became Masonic in New York under top-secret observation with guidance. I have many teachers, friends, and ways to study, which enhances my third eye. I wrote my children’s book because I love all my children, whether they are born or not. God knows how to be magnificent to his creation. In this book, you will find four masonic children’s stories for all ages—even elderly people down to a newborn baby. Please be advised. You will love this book hopefully, just like me.