Book Buzz: Flowers of Thankfulness by Wansoo Kim

A beautiful book inside and out is Wansoo Kim's Flowers of Thankfulness. This collection is filled with uplifting words and inspirational messages that are written in both languages for everyone to delight in.

Wansoo's collection is divided into four parts: Gifts of Treasures, Gifts of Love, Gifts of Mother Nature, and Gifts of Salvation. Through his poems, the author expresses his joy and gratitude to God, who had created all these blessings for him.

In his poem called Treasure 4: Brain, Wansoo exalts his Creator for the human organ that is "The treasure incomparable / To any supercomputer in this world." In Seeds of Talent, he marvels not at his own skills but at how much God has given him. He humbly asks for God's guidance on using his talents, writing, "Please let me not become/ A foolish and poor person,/ To use the mysterious gifts/ Only as tools of pleasure and arrogance."

In this day and age, when most of us are focused on wants and needs, Wansoo's Flowers of Thankfulness, encourages readers to set their hearts on gratitude. The poems in this collection celebrate the gifts that are already existing in our lives. His poems are not only written for his readers to revel in, but his work is also a message of thanks, his love letter, his prayer, and his form of worship to his creator. Flowers of Thankfulness is an open invitation to anyone who reads it to give thanks and join the author in prayer through poetry.

Flowers of Thankfulness has earned Wansoo the Golden Prize from Poetry City in 2019. This is an excellent addition to his previous awards, including the World Peace Literature Prize for Poetry Research and the Geum-Chan Hwang Poetry Literature Prize.

One of the interesting fact about this book is that it displays the awesome power of God in all ramifications; healing, grace, superiority etc. It touches all aspects of human life. It is one of the best books a good and dedicated Christian should have.
Poetry City is well pleased to honor Wansoo Kim with "THE GOLDEN PRIZE " for this marvellous book.
-Tobstar Daniello (Founder of Poetry City)-

Flowers of Thankfulness by Wansoo Kim

126 Pages

ISBN 978-1973672937

Wansoo Kim achieved a Ph. D. in English Literature from the graduate school of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies. He has published five poetry books, one novel, and one book of essays. One poetry book, Duel among a middle-aged fox, a wild dog and a deer, was a bestseller in 2012, one page from the book, Letters for Teenagers, was put in textbooks of middle school(2011) and high school(2014) in South Korea, and three books (Easy-to-read English Bibles Stories, Old Testament(2017), New Testament(2018) and Teenagers, I support Your Dream) were bestsellers. He was granted the World Peace Literature Prize for Poetry Research and Recitation presented in New York City at the 5th World Congress of Poets(2004). He published a poetry book, Prescription of Civilization in USA.(2019), received Geum-Chan Hwang Poetry Literature Prize in Korea(2019).