Book Buzz: Find Your Riches in Presentation, Praise, and Power: Spiritual Nuggets by Dr. Paul Cooks

Many believers sometimes find themselves at a loss for words when they are given the opportunity to open up during their personal time with the Lord, give open praise in front of a crowd, give tribute to those who are tirelessly working for the kingdom, or share their testimony to strengthen others. Even the greatest wordsmiths and most experienced speakers have this experience from time to time. Sometimes, it is because we are just so in awe of the magnificence of the Lord that no words could ever suffice. At other times, it is simply because we are shy or have lost confidence in ourselves. No matter the reason, every believer needs inspiration and encouragement from time to time.

Find Your Riches in Presentation, Praise, and Power: "Spiritual Nuggets" by Dr. Paul Cooks inspires, boosts, and helps believers build confidence, especially during the times when the spirit prompts you to share your spiritual discernment with others. Cooks has traveled across the United States and has spoken in front of numerous community and religious events. These experiences have inspired him to create a compilation of inspirational thoughts and passages to activate, prepare, and motivate you to be God's mouthpiece in blessing others.

The book is divided into parts called Presentation, Praise, and Power. In Presentation, Cook offers various types of welcomes, tributes, and prayers. These presentations can serve as prompts for those who are looking to share a worship experience. Praise is all about communing with God and getting to know our Lord and Savior. In Power, Cook shares spiritual nuggets that strengthen you to accomplish things not from your own strength but because of God's immense and unlimited power. Find Your Riches in Presentation, Praise, and Power: "Spiritual Nuggets" emboldens believers to speak with courage, praise, truth, and blessing.

Find Your Riches in Presentation, Praise, and Power: Spiritual Nuggets by Dr. Paul Cooks

108 Pages

ISBN 9781490851174

Dr. Cooks published his first book entitled Making Tracks for Jesus, 2008, which can still be found today. It is a completely integrated, inspirational-centered approach to releasing the God-given potential trapped within you. He is now a member of the Greater Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is a Sunday school teacher, member of the Male Chorus and Mass Choir, Pastor’s Caring Hearts, Iron Men’s Ministry, Chairman of The Trustee Ministry for two terms, and a regular attendant of Pastor’s Bible Study. He has traveled across the United States with concentration in the South and the West. He has made many presentations and spoken at a number of community and religious events that are a part of his books. These types of experiences have continued to inspire him. He wants to continue to share these experiences with you.