Book Buzz: Final Detention by Jane Vincent

A thrilling teen slasher story that will have you rooting for characters and fearing for their lives is Jane Vincent's Final Detention. Originally written as a screenplay for a major motion picture, Final Detention is told in vivid imagery that places the readers in the after school detention with the students from an inner-city high school.

The story begins when Jason, a foster teen, is separated from the loving family that was willing to give him a new, nurturing home. Instead, he is enrolled in a tough inner-city high school among other teens that society would rather turn a blind eye on. The kids are tough, but the punishment that awaits every mischief is even harsher. When he was mistakenly blamed for a prank by one of his classmates, he was sent to the after school detention. However, this was not your standard detention where kids do homework or tortured by having to stay still. The school's most rigid educator, Mr. Biggs, had other ideas.

Mr. Biggs is an eccentric disciplinarian. But, the students are not ready for just how strange things are going to turn. Mr. Biggs forces students to play his deadly game of hiding and seek. Mr. Biggs is "it."

In the Final Detention, students you can check in but never check out. Will Jason and other students survive to cause another day? Or will they lose the game that has their lives on the line?

Final Detention is a page-turner for fans of teen slasher books and teen slasher films. It will keep you on your toes and leave you out of breath as you try to find out how to escape this perilous game. Author Jane Vincent is set on bringing this book into the big screen, and readers can get into the story before everybody else does in this hair-raising novel. 

Final Detention by Jane Vincent

254 Pages

ISBN 9781532044762

Jane Vincent is a playwright and screenwriter. Her most recent stage play, Change the Night Owl, was praised as “truly funny and endearing” by CBS Chicago. Other screenplays include, For Your Love, and Urgent. This novel is an adaptation of her screenplay, Final Detention, currently in development to become a major motion picture.