Book Buzz: Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See by Patrick Clark Sims

"I loved this book! What a matter-of-fact inspirational story.I found it to heart felt, heart warming and genuine. It gives hope to the hopeless, and faith to those struggling. very empowering!" Brenda M. Robinson

Patrick Clark Sims, author, media personality, and pastor, believes that every life is a book. Every life is a story that carries a message and a lesson from the creator. Throughout her life, she has witnessed many stories, including one that changed her family's life forever. Although it was not her intention to write a book, the miracles that she has experienced during this time has compelled her to write one.

Sims shares her story in a book called Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See. Through a broader perspective, Eyewitnessed is a story about what Sims believes to be the worst environmental disaster in the history of the United States. This took place in North Carolina from 1957 to 1987. An estimated one million families were reported to have been exposed to unregulated chemicals in their drinking water systems. Sims has kept a journal and other documents regarding this time, and in her book, she tells the story to inform and educate others.

Moving closer, Eyewitnessed is a genuinely personal story to Sims and her family. It tells the story of an African-American family as they wade through the turbulent waters of trials, tribulations, and disease as a result of Camp Lejeune's water contamination. Sims' husband, a Marine who has served for thirty years, has contacted several catastrophic illnesses, including renal failure, congestive heart failure, and Non-Hodgkin'd Lymphoma. Lifted from her personal journal, Sims shares the very personal and honest account of being by her husband's side as he fought for his life. Through this book, she also bears testimony to the many miracles that God has provided for their family.

Through all of the disasters and trials, God has revealed himself to Sims along with his infinite grace and wisdom. Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See is Sims' personal account of the trying yet miraculous events that God has held her family through. 

"Patrick Sims is the kind of woman you want on your side when you need the courage to step up for something you believe in that is intrinsically linked to your faith. She inspires me with her courage, dedication and heart-centeredness. Thank you for this courageous story."
Kenneth Goff, Amazon Book Review

Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See by Patrick Clark Sims

134 Pages

ISBN 9781477278055

Patrick Clark Sims has been married to her junior high school sweetheart, Bishop Sims, for 36 years. They have three daughters, one son, five granddaughters, and five grandsons. Co-author of Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude 2012 Edition with Donna Kozik (An Amazon Best Seller) Co-author of Food Memories with Cynthia MacGregor (An e-book) Co-hosted The Voice of the Spirit weekly television broadcast Co-hosted The Voice of the Spirit radio broadcast on American Family Radio (AFR) Co-founder of Manna Ministries’ (Kingdom Designs & Services) Co-pastor for 30 years MEDIA CREDITS: The internationally syndicated ‘X’ Zone Radio Show– Ontario Canada Darkness Radio KTLK – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota EXPERIENCE:  21 years as an agent and agency specialist in the insurance industry seven years as first-line security and shift supervisor for government contractor four years teaching in public and private school systems