Book Buzz: Ethereal by Al Price

A coming of age story set in rural Mississippi in 1983 is Al Price’s Ethereal. This story is about two young men growing up in an era where the size of one's wallet and the color of one’s skin are two things that vastly affect present and future prospects. Amid the civil rights movement, their friendship is what a lot of people might consider rare. 

Aemon Lee Mistral is a white 17-year old boy who has a mission. From a very young age, he has always seen the injustices around him. Aemon Lee dedicated his life to fighting for what is fair and just, even if it means he will get in trouble. He made it his mission to live life on a higher plane, always doing what is right and championing the good for others. His best friend, Jo-Nathan Markum, is a brash and daring young mind determined to improve his life despite the hurdles that he has to face in society.

Both young men came from families that did not have much in terms of material possessions. What they did have are indomitable spirits that carried them through an unjust and cut-throat world. When it came to pursuing their dreams, Aemon Lee and Jo-Nathan are incorrigible. One of them seizes the opportunity to be part of the University of Mississippi football team while the other joins the Marine Corps. With the love of their family and the help of a strong, mysterious woman who befriends them, they will stop at nothing to accomplish what they set out to do.

Ethereal not only depicts a story of friendship and overcoming, but it also reminds the readers of southern history. It shines the light on a lot of injustices many people, especially people of color, faced before and are still struggling with today. It holds a mirror on an unfair society, but it also carries a message of hope to overcome the trials and tribulations of life.

"Rarely have I had the pleasure of reading a book of fiction that read as if it were real. Mr. Price has developed a gripping story that is impactful, heart-felt, and powerful. Ethereal lives up to its name. Enjoy!"
Randy Shannon, Amazon Reader's Review

Ethereal by Al Price

292 Pages

ISBN 9781796069983

Al Price was born and reared in Mississippi. He is retired from serving as a professor of sociology and mental health professional. He is a graduate of Abilene Christian University, and the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). He holds professional certifications from the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) and the University of North Texas.