Book Buzz: Eternal by Mario Soldevilla

Exploring spiritual makeup and growth through the soul's journey through time is Eternal, a fascinating story by Mario Soldevilla. Eternal navigates themes that humanity has always grappled with, such as destiny, soul purpose, good, evil, the inter-connectedness of souls, and love eternal. Eternal opens with the life of Cato and Amanda, sweethearts who met in college and fell deeply in love. They married, had children, became grandparents. They were inseparable until suddenly, and unexpectedly, Amanda died in a hiking accident. Amanda's death shattered Cato's world. Without the love of his life, he resolved to take refuge alone inside their cabin in the mountains. Save for visits from his children and grandchildren, Cato existed alone. Until one day, he had an unexpected visit from two familiar figures. As he looked closer, he realized that the figures resembled him and Amanda. What Cato first thought as a hallucination turned out to be what will forever change his perspective on this life and beyond. The figures awakened his memories, starting from his earliest recollection. They began from even before Cato was in his mother's womb, to his early childhood, and into his memories growing up. They dissected events and the choices that he had made that steered the course of his destiny. Cato is also part of a bigger story in Eternal. It is a story about incarnated souls in a race to save humanity. As they struggle to awaken and find their true purpose, the story explores spiritual growth based on the choices, small or significant, that we make throughout our existence. In the book, the figures tell Cato that "throughout your life, you are given many opportunities to correct your course." It looks at how our decisions are informed by who we are at the core. It also examines how these decisions build who we are.

This book captured my attention―I just couldn't put it down. It is well written and interesting. It is hard to put in a category except that is a great read.
―Esther Girten, Amazon Reader's Review

Eternal by Mario Soldevilla

288 Pages

ISBN 9781452518046

Mario Soldevilla has always been interested in his spiritual makeup and growth. He has read many spiritual books, including books on shamanism and Native American teachings. Based on his readings, he developed a philosophy expressed in his writings of; love, compassion, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness. He studied mathematics at the University of Miami, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in education. He worked in both the private and public sectors, and he retired in 2009 after twenty years of service to the city of Miami, where he was a director. Mario resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife, Theresa Girten, and their children and seven grandchildren surround them.