Book Buzz: Estevan-Face Of The Lizard by David Koranda

#BookBuzz David Koranda's Estevan – Face of the Lizard is a historical fiction recounting the years between 1435 to 1547 and the years of a not-so-ordinary family.

The journey from Europe to the New World was perilous. Every voyage was full of uncertainties. The oceans were unforgiving, serving punishment to men who were about to exploit a world, not theirs for the taking. During these daring voyages, many were lost to the sea—lives, hopes, dreams lost forever. However, the Spaniards, the Britons, the French—they persisted, their ships waving the proud flags of their motherland, and they themselves racing to find the most significant territory to lay at her feet. Their losses were necessary in order to find the New World that promised rewards unlike any they had known.

When the Spaniards reached Cuba, Havana was transformed into a flourishing commercial city. It became the metropolis of the West Indies. One of the finer families of the city were the Estevan's, whose head of the family was named after Christopher Columbus. Christopher Estevan had always associated with important men in history, one of them being Columbus himself, who was more than a good friend and mentor to Estevan's father.

Christopher Estevan and his wife, Señora Inez, lived comfortably because of the patriarch's amassed wealth from Mexico, but none of their riches could save their two sons from leaving home—one, Francisco, to join the church and become a priest; the other, Rodrigo, to join the war. Both sons left on the same day aboard two different vessels.

This time in history is steeped in cultural reforms and political upheavals. Author David Koranda expertly weaved fiction and historical details to produce a riveting novel. While the book's opening chapters are focused on Christopher Estevan, the second part is about Francisco, Christopher's son, who left Cuba to become a priest.

David Koranda is an expert storyteller. The fast-paced fiction novel, Estevan – Face of the Lizard, is a must-read. —Amy Platt, BookAvolare

Estevan-Face Of The Lizard by David Koranda

380 Pages

ISBN 978-1425904029

About the Author

The author, David Koranda, was viewing an episode of Dr. Who, when the fourth Doctor in the series remarked, "Witchcraft is simply simple scientific experiments to manipulate the simple of mind." The author, thinking this would be interesting to look into, to study at the Public Library, ran across an exciting series called "The Real America in Romance," by John Roy Musick. He thought this entertaining historical adventure series could be something special by being rewritten. Realizing no author was going to show up to rewrite it suddenly, he decided to take up the challenge.