Book Buzz: Dripping Water by Elizabeth Nhau-Chirigo

Imagine a faulty water tap situated above a concrete slab. Because the water tap is faulty, water drips out of its spout into the concrete slab. One drop after the other, the water falls steadily into the slab. A drop or two may not make a lot of difference to the concrete slab. The moment the water evaporates, it will be as if it was never there at all. However, after months and maybe even years, as dripping water touches the same spot on the concrete slab, it creates a hole in it.

This is the analogy that Elizabeth Nhau-Chirigo's father had told her as a young girl. Nhau-Chirigo had a tough time growing up with bright siblings who would often get rewarded at school and at home for being top students. This affected her view of herself and others around her. Her father soon noticed that she had an early depressed elementary school life. To comfort his daughter, he told her the analogy of the dripping water. This analogy and the two words, "Dripping Water," have since been embedded in Nhau-Chirigo's heart and mind.

Now, as a successful woman in business, family, and her community, Nhau-Chirigo shares the wisdom that she has gained from her parents and throughout her life in her book aptly called, Dripping Water. This book not only tells a touching true story, but it also talks about parental guidance based on Biblical principles. Nhau-Chirigo grew up in an African household with its own set of values. At the same time, she was raised by a Christian family who has put God above all. Dripping Water is a story of Nhau-Chirigo's life growing up as well as an accurate representation of an African Christian family.

Dripping Water is not only a valuable lesson that Nhau-Chirigo has carried with her throughout her life, but it is also a prophecy for her life and her many achievements. This book is for those who are seeking guidance, encouragement, and a lesson that is evergreen. 

Dripping Water by Elizabeth Nhau-Chirigo

120 Pages

ISBN 9781493138937

Elizabeth is a reputable businesswoman and qualified adult nurse. She is a graduate of the University of the West of England, where she obtained her diploma in adult nursing. She also did further studies in church ministries and graduated from Destiny School of Ministry in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Elizabeth obtained her business diploma in imports and exports via distance learning with Antony Wade Consultancy of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth has traveled around the world and touched all the continents, allowing her to learn different cultures thereof. Having been born and brought up in Africa, she is totally convinced that all human beings were created the same, and therefore they should enjoy similar comforts. Her passion is to see advancement for an average person in Africa, particularly from her home country of Zimbabwe. Elizabeth is a widow with two great daughters: Pastor Thoko, who is married to Pastor George Owino Obare, with lovely two daughters of their own, and the psychiatry nurse Tanda, who is married to an engineer, Christopher Kudzai Nashe, with the baby on the way.