Book Buzz: Dissecting Job by Stephen D. Harrison

Job is one of the most intriguing stories in the Bible. It tells a story of a man named Job, a good and righteous man who is tested by God through a host of deep, prolonged trials and tribulations. His suffering was so enormous and severe that reading through the book of Job is almost a sensory experience. 

What makes the book of Job perplexing to many is the paradox of bad things happening to a good person. Did he deserve his suffering? Is it enough to be a good and righteous person? Job is truly one of the books in the Bible that leads, and most of the time leaves its readers with many questions.

The story of Job happened thousands of years ago, but to this day, there are still so many questions and revelations that emerge from reading it. It is for this reason that, to this day, the book of Job is still worth reading, discussing, and dissecting. Dr. Steve Harrison, the author of Dissecting Job, offers a fresh take into looking at the life of Job. Inspired by his medical background, Dr. Harrison approaches the book of Job as he would an autopsy where he probes, cuts, and examines the scripture paying close attention to the details and how it relates to the whole. In the first chapter, he begins the autopsy by obtaining a thorough history. He then delves into the succeeding chapters by examining Job's pathologists' including Satan, Job's three friends, Elihu, and God.

Perhaps, we are not as blameless as Job or will, thankfully, never experience trials of the same magnitude. However, Dissecting Job will enable us to see things that are previously hidden to us before. Through dissecting the life, trials, and faith of Job in this book, readers may be able to see different perspectives and uncover questions that will lead them to new wisdom.

"Thought provoking. Written by a physician, this book gives fresh perspective on a familiar Bible character. It would be a great small group study book - lots of points to discuss and think through together. Each chapter closes with a few questions to guide the process."
—Amazon Reader's Review

Dissecting Job by Stephen D. Harrison

82 Pages

ISBN 9781512777437

Stephen D. Harrison is a physician of more than thirty years in Illinois. He is a preacher’s kid and philosophy major who has seen his share of suffering. This book is a response to his college minister’s challenge to reconsider his preconceptions on the book of Job.