Book Buzz: Dilemma by John K. Potter

How does one choose when faced with two undesirable alternatives? When the line between right and wrong is muddled, and the stakes become life and death, does one simply bite the bullet and face the consequences? Or would self-preservation become more important than anything else on the line? A true catch-22 affair awaits readers in John K. Potter's seventh novel, Dilemma. This is a story of several undesirable choices. Each choice either changes a person or brings out who they truly are. When Dr. Dwight Huntington delivered his speech at a convention in Paris, what he did not know was that he will encounter a mysterious woman and his first dilemma. When Cybil picked her next prospect, she thought that she will have full control of the outcome. When Laura decided that she will do the "right thing," what she did not anticipate was how complicated the right path would be. Dwight, Cybil, Laura, along with other characters, would soon face their life's most difficult dilemmas. Will they make a choice based on what is right or be forced to live with the lesser of evils? As the paths of these people whose lives are entangled by intricate circumstances cross, the choices they had to make become increasingly difficult. As one predicament unravels, they soon find that what they have to face next is more complicated than the last, and the stakes become higher. When the conundrums of their lives finally bring them together, their dilemmas become a hundredfold. Dilemma follows the story of each character as they navigate the complex choices that life throws at them. In a story that spans across continents, beginning in Paris, then California and London, Potter tackles the intricacies of love, lust, infidelity, greed, life, and death. 

"Full of surprises. Intriguing plot line with surprise ending. Great read."
Louise Judson, Amazon Reader's Review

Dilemma by John K. Potter

214 Pages

ISBN 9781546207498

John K. Potter, was a writer, producer, and director of television projects for forty-four years. He began as a Page at NBC in New York, was a producer and director in Cleveland, and while at Procter & Gamble Productions oversaw such programs for CBS as The People’s Choice Awards, Northern Exposure, and Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He co-created the first cable soap-opera – The Catlins, and the first cable sitcom – Down To Earth. John also wrote and directed four musical-comedy revues for the Playboy Clubs. But, fiction, novels have become the love of his life. He has written six novels and a compilation of ideas for movies since retiring in 2004. Dilemma is his seventh novel.