Book Buzz: Death at the Cloisters: A Matthew Hogan Mystery by Randolph Mase

For fans and patrons, museums are a place of treasures, curiosities, and mystery. It holds objects that people travel far and wide to see. But, what if one day, the most prominent spectacle is not one that is listed in its collections and archives?

In Randolph Mase's Death at the Cloisters: A Matthew Hogan Mystery, one museum held far more mystery than advertised. Set in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world's most famous museums. Fondly called "the Met," it is one of the most visited museums in the world. One day, the museum had, perhaps, one of the most bizarre displays it has ever held in its history. One morning, the bodies of two dead lovers hung from the ceiling of a chapel at the museum's cloisters.

Private Investigator Matthew Hogan is called to lead the investigation with his long-time friend Tom Walker of NYPD. With the help of his love interest, lawyer, Kathy Russell, they search and discover clues from the scene of these mysterious murders. As with any murder mystery, the incidents did not just start and stop at the scene of the crime. Hogan and his team interviews the victim's friends and neighbors to gain more insight into their lives and the circumstances that led to their end. Finding more clues and pursuing more leads bring them closer to the truth. What they discover brings them into the dark and treacherous world of revenge where danger reaches anyone, even them.

Hogan, along with his friends in the law enforcement, investigates every clue and chases every lead to find out who murdered the lovers found at the museum's cloisters. It lets the readers into what goes on in a murder investigation, including the dangers that lie ahead. Death at the Cloisters: A Matthew Hogan Mystery brings its readers from the Met to the many twists and turns of a mystery murder.

Death at the Cloisters: A Matthew Hogan Mystery by Randolph Mase

100 Pages

ISBN 9781491749937

Randolph Mase was born in New York City and lived his earlier years in the metropolitan area, graduating from West Point up the Hudson River. In addition to being a voiceover artist, he writes fiction. Death at the Cloisters is his fourth Matthew Hogan mystery, following up on Death on Broadway, Death Beneath the Streets, and Death in Central Park. He is now busy completing two more novels: the fifth in the Matthew Hogan Mystery series, Death Inside Diamond Head, and a contemporary comedy, Unbearable. Mase has two grown children and two young grandchildren who live in the Washington, D.C. area, and he lives with his wife in Putnam County, New York.