Book Buzz: Dearest Mary Lou by Ann Cason

In this day of instant messaging and video calls, we often forget the amount of heart and soul that can be poured into a letter. Back when the primary mode of communication for separated friends, lovers, and everything in between was letters, messages took weeks to deliver. As a result, a careful and deliberate choice of words is needed to relay thoughts and emotions often intensified by days spent in waiting.

When the author, Ann Cason, found a stack of her mother's letters carefully tied together with a red ribbon, she asked her about them. Her mother said that one day, she would tell her about them. After her mother passed, the letters had found their way to Cason, along with some of her belongings. What she discovered among the pages was a love story amid anguish and uncertainty. She shares this story of war, friendship, and love in her book, Dearest Mary Lou.

Mary Lou is a beautiful, precocious young lady who grew up with friends who calls themselves "the gang." She catches Luke's affection, a young man who has set his sights on becoming a chaplain for the army. As he is adored by Luke, Mary Lou falls for Bill, a smooth-talking, ruggedly handsome man. Bill's heart belongs to Flora who took a lot of time deciding on her commitment until she meets a newcomer named Franklin.

To be young and in love is complicated in and of itself. Dearest Mary Lou is the story of five young people who are coming into themselves and falling in love in the time of World War II. Their story teaches us that in any generation, no matter the state of the world, and however, we communicate with each other, the common need for love and validation will always tie us together.

A sweet loving story well written and absolutely delightful. A very enjoyable read.
Darlyn Butler, Amazon Reader's Review

Dearest Mary Lou by Ann Cason

124 Pages

ISBN 9781973685937

Ann Cason travels across the United States as a photographer and author, sharing her experiences with a variety of personalities and lifestyles. Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, she developed a love for life on the coastline of Florida. She is the mother of a son and daughter and the grandmother to 4 grandchildren. She affectionately calls the "grands." As a business owner and radio DJ, she has learned the value of finding the right job for the right person. Her main passion, however, is photography. With the discovery of photos and letters from her father's service in WWII, the door to the development of the book "Dearest Mary Lou" was opened. She plans to write a sequel to this book and hopefully have it published within a short period of time.