Book Buzz: Curses Upon Mine Enemies: 3Rd Millennium Edition by Adrian Holman

"... Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.", this is what the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 12:19. This is also the promise that author Adrian Holman held on to as he was growing up. Holman was bullied and ridiculed in school for his short stature. As anyone in that situation would, he felt rage and had thoughts of harming himself or others. Instead of living inside the cages of his hurt feelings and wounded soul, he learned concepts that freed him from them. He discusses these concepts in his book, Curses Upon Mine Enemies: 3Rd Millennium Edition. 

Throughout the world, many people are bullied, ridiculed, and hurt. They come from all walks of life and all ages. Some of them react by retreating from society that hurts them. They become isolated and prone to injuring themselves. Others retaliate by inflicting pain on the ones that hurt them and even those who they perceive to be standing in the way of vengeance. As the adage goes, "Hurt people hurt people."

In Curses Upon Mine Enemies, Holman shows the readers when curses originated and how to gain access to this spiritual promises in the face of adversity. He shares the principles that he himself has tried and personally witnessed to work swiftly.

This book is not written for you to enact the violent ideation you have towards others. It is not promoting anything illegal. Curses Upon Mine Enemies contain principles that you can study and focus your faith into knowing that the battle has already been won. It invites you to hold on to God's promise because He is a just God. This book aims to promote non-retaliation, stop the hurt, and end the pain of non-acceptance for anyone in the world who is hurting.

Curses Upon Mine Enemies: 3Rd Millennium Edition by Adrian Holman

120 Pages

ISBN 9781401075309

Adrian Holman is a man who is fed up with seeing many people going through life constantly being the object of ridicule, mockery, and abuse throughout this world. This book has been written as a solution for the purpose of eliminating anyone who opposes you. This book will give you the confidence that you will need to overcome any situation. The foundations of truth in this book will propel you to success beyond your imaginative capacity and will eliminate all suicidal tendencies that may attempt to depress you.