Book Buzz: Corduroy by Hannah Brodie

#BookBuzz Is a cheating partner the death sentence to a marriage? Viewed through the lens of black and white, many would say that it certainly is. It is the end of trust and justifies a painful conclusion. But life is not black and white. Naturally, marriage, adultery, and reconciliation are very complicated as well.

Author Hannah Brodie is no stranger to the complications and hardships brought about by adultery in a marriage. Once starry-eyed and in love, her married life was utterly changed upon the discovery of her husband's long-standing affair. In her book, Corduroy, she shares her story.

When she discovered her husband's affair, everything and everyone around her told her to leave. However, deep in her broken heart, she has found the strength to pray for God's grace.

Corduroy is a true story of a couple whose life was shattered by a broken vow. It paints a picture of the raw pain of betrayal looks like. It is a story not so different from what many households anywhere in the world are struggling with. It is about a husband who has given in to the lust and deceit that controlled his life and ruined his marriage. It is also about a young wife who held steadfast in her faith and continued to pray for and believe that God will heal her relationship.

More importantly, Corduroy is a story of restoration. It is about a young wife with a heart so wholly surrendered to God that through her insurmountable pain, she still trusted his will in their lives. It is about a man that has been broken by sin but has found redemption and grace through Christ. It has not been an easy road, but together, they share the testimony of a marriage that has been healed and renewed.

Corduroy by Hannah Brodie

142 Pages

ISBN 978-1490890067

Review By JJ Cary

Hannah Brodie mentors and inspires women in their marriages. She and her husband have been married since March 1983, and they share openly about their marriage being revived, restored, and rebuilt after her husband’s infidelity. This book reveals how through God’s grace and redemption, they have a wonderful, full marriage.