Book Buzz: Choose Again! by Sherry D. Ransom


Life is what you make it—goes the famous adage, which spells either a positive or negative connotation depending on the person's thoughts, words, and actions, are, without a doubt, the springboard for his journey in life.

Some people go about their day-to-day life with the notion of following the flow and living by chance like Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be) and dwelling in the world filled with uncertainties; others continue to get stuck on the usual familiar pattern, contented with the way things are, inhibiting one's self going out of their comfort zone. Another group lives one's best life and dreams, reaching new levels of awareness and self-growth, taking action in discovering and honing interests, talents, and passions. All these three components encompass Sherry Ransom's Choose Again!, which beckons you to go into introspection that gives you the freedom to choose the road to your success.

Whatever you do in life—whether you are bounded by the factors within your grasp or external ones beyond your control — boils down to your choice. The way the author expounds her thought-provoking exposition clearly shows her deep-seated wisdom instilling life-changing insights that could help improve lives for the better.

As you go through the texts, you will find yourself engage with the author not to limit one's potential but rather open up to the concept of transformation. Taking time to review the salient points and follow through with the questions after the discussion could lead you to cross the uncharted terrain; as was foreseeable, you would think deeply about facing an off-the-beaten-path--a cathartic experience. In this light, the author calls for those who may lean towards the checkered and yellow paths and be enlightened to change an existing status quo and adopt the green path.

Let us take a glimpse at some interesting insights, as gleaned from the book: The Checkered Path - You choose not to choose. You fear a change in any form because it represents a frightening unknown. Your goal is to survive another day; The Yellow Path - You choose to continue living the low-risk yesterday. You fear change, momentum, and decisions. You make choices consciously but weigh the consequences in a state of fear; The Green Path - You choose to live a life of purpose. You make choices with your eyes on a specific goal. You are weighing the risks with happiness as a part of the goal. In each path, the author gives example situations for easy grasp.

As human beings, we are endowed with a gift of free will to make a choice--let positive thoughts permeate our entire being or allow negative vibes to infiltrate our system. Whatever options we take, those thoughts can create reality. If you think your life now lacks a meaningful existence and you feel there is something that you failed to create successfully, choose again; re-evaluate your vision; visualize a mental image of what you want to achieve; repeat positive affirmations—and bring your dreams to fruition.

What are the stumbling blocks to the road to happiness and essential living? The author cites fear, perfectionism, procrastination, shyness, and regret. These obstacles may hinder your right to become 'all that you can be,' and as John Maxwell says—Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.

Choose Again! is a kind of book that stirs our mental faculties with zest; it is a delightful way for reflection that could bring about a positive change in people towards empowerment, and eventually, transformation.

At a glance, as you skim through the sections of the book, you would find highlighted pointers in a box that summarizes the thought. Further, the author gives some tips on dealing with unsupportive spouses, family members, and friends; and to add impact, she includes quotes from famous personalities.

Sherry Ransom's Choose Again! is a thoroughly well-thought-out book with its creative guide of reflective exercises for the readers. What a delightful way to read this easy-to-follow gem of a book.

I was amazed at just how close that this book hit home with me about choosing your path.
―Amazon Reader's Review

Choose Again! by Sherry D. Ransom

116 Pages

ISBN 9781524572815

Sherry D. Ransom is an award-winning author of 5 books, an international radio personality, and an inspiring public speaker. She loves the written word, the spoken word, and deciphering the thoughts that form our words and ultimate reality. Find out more about Sherry and her love of the blessing of choice at