Book Buzz: Cherry Mouse Babies: Let's Draw! by Christine Rotsaert

What happens when different fairy families come together? The result is a day filled with grilled cheese, happy feet dances, and loads of fun! All this and more are waiting for children, young and old, in Christine Rotsaert's Cherry Mouse Babies: Let's Draw!    

Cherry Mouse Babies is a story featuring a fun and loving mouse fairy called Weefeefee who lives in Green Aqua Valley with his many friends. The happy mouse is always full of love and happiness wherever he goes. He even has Love all over his body as his ears, eyes, and the end of his tail is heart-shaped. One day, he meets his cherry friend, Leebeebee, who lives on the fruity mountain. Although they are from different fairy families, they instantly fall in love.

Cherry Mouse Babies is a book written for young children to read and nurture their artistic side. The story is simple and easy to follow. Children will enjoy meeting Wefeefee, Leefeefee, and the friendly creatures of Green Aqua Valley.

The story of Weefeefee, Leebeebee, and their friends is brought to life in the vibrant illustrations by Kathy Kerber on the book's pages. On the front pages, children can let the colorful illustrations guide their imagination. On the back pages are the same illustrations without color so that children can fill them in with crayons, pens, watercolors, or any medium they enjoy. This makes Cherry Mouse Babies not only a heart-warming read, but it is also an interactive book that children will genuinely enjoy.

Cherry Mouse Babies teaches many beautiful lessons in love, acceptance, friendship, and celebrating our differences. It is a wonderful tool that parents and educators can use to introduce these concepts to young minds. These are valuable lessons that the world needs today. In Cherry Mouse Babies, author, Christine Rotsaert, has successfully brought reading, play, and teaching all in one fun-filled book.

Cherry Mouse Babies by Christine Rotsaert

26 Pages

ISBN 9781524636265

Christine is a Chinese American writer. She graduated from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, America. She now lives with her husband, Jean-Luc, in Ireland, where they found their happiness.