Book Buzz: Changes Deranges: A Memoir of Sorts

Author, Catherine E. Goin was diagnosed with an acute schizophrenic episode in the '70s and went through forty years of psychotherapy. Her diagnosis and therapy came with a lot of lessons learned from her doctors and people who have supported her in her recovery. Catherine Goin's experiences gave her a unique point of view that not is not often heard or talked about. Today while happily in remission, Goin is on a mission to share these lessons acquired throughout the years in a book, Changes Deranges: A Memoir of Sorts.

In this book, she shares the four seasons of her life in four chapters—So Cool, A Fool, Such Grief, and Ah, Relief. From these titles, it is easy to conclude that Goin injects her own brand of humor and lightheartedness in her poems. While this is true, the author also touches on the very personal and, at times, horrifying parts of her life's journey.

Goin draws inspiration from nature as she reflects on God, mental health, and life in this collection of poems. This book was written mainly as the author was recovering from surgery and rehabilitation. Catherine's poetry has enabled her to express her story, her gratitude to those who have helped her through the years, and the hope that she has found in God.

Through her book, she invites those who have gone through or are going through setbacks in their mental health or in life as a whole, to also find hope and inspiration in its pages. Goin herself has gone through and overcame many obstacles, and through her often candid and always honest poems, she wants to inspire others to never give up no matter how insurmountable their challenges are.

Changes Deranges: A Memoir of Sorts by Catherine E. Goin

ISBN 978-1973677321

Catherine E. Goin is an old person with a young soul. After studying painting and dance at the College of William and Mary, she painted for fifty years until she introduced the flute, guitar, mandolin, and writing into her life. Catherine lives with her brother in a small town in Virginia. This is her fifth book.