Book Buzz: Career Judo: The Martial Art for the Mindful Career by John E. Long

"One of the Most Relevent Career Fit Guides out there." Lynn G.

Each career seeker faces several challenges standing in their way. Whether it is deciding what career is the right fit for them, the job market, their boss, or that inner voice of doubt, these are "opponents" that those who are just starting to look for a job, those who want to transition to a new career, or those who want to grow in theirs need to overcome.

In his book, Career Judo: The Martial Art for the Mindful Career, John E. Long guides readers on how to transform their opposition to opportunities. Long is a self-described "career transition survivor" who has successfully navigated the often complicated and confusing yet promising process of moving from one career to another. He has worked in healthcare administration and is now nurturing his career as a professional coach, university instructor, and author. In Career Judo, he shares the insights, practical strategies, and helpful resources that he has shared with students and clients for over a decade.

In Japanese, the word judo means the "gentle way." In Career Judo, Long guides readers to acknowledge the force of your "opponent" or what is standing in your way to the career that is right for you and use it to complement your strengths. Instead of flailing aggressively and aimlessly, Career Judo guides you to see each "opponent" as an opportunity to grow, apply a new strategy, or develop new strengths.

Each chapter in Career Judo is associated with a belt color to indicate a progression. While this book can be read in sections to address unique situations, the first reading is best done in sequence as each chapter is a stepping stone to the next. As you progress from white belt to black belt, Career Judo will help you get to know yourself, your strengths, and what makes you unique in your job market. 

"I endorse "Career Judo" as a practical guide that will clearly and effectively move its readers along a well-laid out pathway of steps designed to hone in on interests and strengths and the careers best suited to them."
Aaron Leson, Amazon Book Review

Career Judo: The Martial Art for the Mindful Career by John E. Long

142 Pages

ISBN 9781504384766

John E. Long, ED.S., BCC, CMCS, is a professional coach, university instructor, and a self-described “career transition survivor”. He has over a decade of experience in career coaching, which followed a rewarding career in healthcare management. John blends his background in positive psychology, career coaching, life strategies coaching, and mentoring to help people evolve to pursue greater meaning and fit in their work. His private coaching practice has offices in Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL.