Book Buzz: Cain's Wife by Nikki Taylor

Who was Cain's wife? Very little is known about the woman who became the wife of Cain, son of Adam and Eve. At the time Cain killed his brother and was banished to the land of Nod, there were only four people on earth. So who is this mysterious woman? 

There are many theories about the identity of Cain's wife. Anthropologists, scientists, Bible scholars, literary historians, and anyone who shares the curiosity have varying beliefs about who she is and how she came to the picture. Author, Nikki Taylor, presents her theory in the form of fiction in her book, Cain's Wife.

The woman who became Cain's wife is mentioned in Genesis 4:17, "And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived, and bare Enoch...". After this verse, she has not spoken about again in any part of the Bible. Since there is no definite timeline on when Cain was banished or when he knew his wife, there are different ideas of who she is. Some say that this woman could have been his sister or his distant cousin, among other theories.  

Cain's Wife is a wonderful read for readers interested in getting to know classic Bible stories in a new light. In her book, Taylor surmises about the events of the life of Cain based on biblical scriptures, historical evidence, scientific speculation, and her imagination. The story that she weaves through this book looks closely at Cain, his wife, and the life they built together. The beauty of this story written as a work of fiction is that it breathes new life to what we have read in the Bible. It contains details that may not be mentioned as vividly in the scriptures but are lifted from historical evidence of what life must have been like in those times.

"I just finished reading Cain's Wife by Nikki Taylor and it was fantastic! The details in the story about how Cain could have found his wife are fascinating. I have recommend this book to all my friends."
— Tanji Stephens, Amazon Reader's Review

Cain's Wife by Nikki Taylor

138 Pages

ISBN 9781496921062

Nikki Taylor is the mother of two children. She currently teaches at a middle school. She has always been interested in biblical history and the sciences. She stated, “I wanted to write this book twenty years ago, but I am happy I waited because technology has enabled much more insight than was available to me then. More evidence has been discovered, which now affirms my theory more so.” Nikki has an MS in Educational Technology and is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Technology. She plans to continue teaching and writing.