Book Buzz: Branches by Edward and Shirley Wright

Following their first book, Todos Santos, that told the story of Texas migration through Edward Wright's maternal side of the family, comes a new historical fiction, Branches. This novel unfolds through the story of Wright's great-grandfather, James Henry Wright. The story opens with the death of Henry's wife. As a father of six children, the Cornish carpenter knew that he needed to take his children to new lands where they can have a chance at rebuilding their lives. He heads to America for the opportunity to work and provide for his family. From England, they move to Vermont, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, and even to Mexico and Panama.  Henry's story is the story of so many families, immigrant moving their family to America in the 1800s. In Branches, Edward and Shirley Wright weaves the story of Henry, his struggles with his new world, new-found relationships, and hard-earned triumphs, with the historical events of his lifetime. The authors have collected stories from family members, researched key figures and events of the period, as well as traveled to Cornwall to immerse themselves in the history of Henry's place of origin. This does not only give the story the historical accuracy, but it also lends to the heart and soul of the characters that the readers will get to know in Branches. Through Henry's story, we can see America as well as England, Mexico, and Panama as they changed with the rest of the world. Through the characters that we meet in this book, we learn how they navigated language barriers, working in new frontiers, and thriving in a rapidly-changing world. We are also treated to a story of adventures, romance, hard work, and persistence. Branches is a blend of family history and world history in a well-told story.

"Branches was a flawlessly written captivating tale. I found myself really caring for the characters. They seemed to jump out at you."
Joyce Randle, Amazon Reader's Review

Branches by Edward and Shirley Wright

186 Pages

ISBN 9781491872703

Edward and Shirley Wright offer their second historical novel, recounting the life and times of Cornish immigrants to the new world. As in Todos Santos, their previous novel, Ed’s research, and narrative reflect his south Texas roots. Ed and Shirley reside in Coppell, Texas, near two of their four children.