Book Buzz: Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near by Sarah A. Jones


If the world ends tomorrow and Jesus returns to earth, are you ready? Many believers await Jesus' second coming. They live daily as if the day is near. They are prepared and looking forward to it. Others feel quite the opposite. They either dread it as they are unprepared or brush it away out of denial and fear. 

Author, Sarah A. Jones, used to belong to the second camp. Since she was sixteen years old, she has had many dreams about the world coming to an end. In her dreams, Jesus is returning to the earth. Her response to those dreams was always a resounding "I'm not ready!".

On March 26, 2006, Jones heard a voice in her dream that said, "Let your testimony be: 'Jesus Christ is Coming!' The people must be told so that they can be prepared upon His arrival". From that moment on, she knew that it is not her choice to sound the trumpets. God chose her. She has written her book, Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival, to tell people of Jesus' inevitable return and what we must do to prepare for it.

Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near is a book that allows the readers to introspect on our preparedness for Jesus' return. And, if our answer is that we are not ready, it is time to ask why. Are there sins that we have not repented for yet? Are there worldly habits that we are holding on to? Are we afraid of what others will think?

In this book, Jones also talks about what will happen if we fail to prepare and what we can do to get our lives in anticipation of His arrival. Jones lays out what the Bible teaches about Jesus' return for both believers and nonbelievers to learn from. Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near seeks to inspire and enlighten everyone who reads it so that they will be drawn nearer to God and expect Jesus' return with anticipation instead of fear.

Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near by Sarah A. Jones

366 Pages

ISBN 9781973666653

Sarah A. Jones is an Ambassador for God the Father; Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and has a heart for all people. She is an ordained Minister and completed studies in Business Administration, Religion, Theology, and Christian Education. She received her Doctor of Theology from Mt Olive Bible Institute and Seminary/International Theological Seminary in New York. She has published before with the release of “My Dreams, My Interpretations: Night Visions in My Head” Volumes 1 and 2. Her desire is to encourage, enlighten, and to speak the truth based on the Word of God through this book. Sarah lives in New York with her family, and frequently vacations in Northern Virginia. To learn more, please visit