Book Buzz: Been There, Done That, Wrote This! by Michele Phillips


When Michele Phillips was born, she was not expected to survive. She was premature, her lungs barely developed, and her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. She spent her first 9 days in an incubator. Growing up, medications, treatments, frequent visits to the doctor and a host of symptoms was just a "normal part" of her life. In her teenage years, she was known as a klutz, it seemed that she was not in control of her limbs. Deep inside, Phillips knew that there were many things about her body that she was not in control of. And, it took many years for a definitive diagnosis to explain what was going on with her.

Phillips was already an adult when she got the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Instead of resenting her disease and the people around her, Phillips recognized this as "Divine Timing." All through coming to terms and dealing with her illness, Phillips has seen a silver lining. She realized the divine intervention even in the painful events of her life. In her book, Been There, Done That, Wrote This!: A Personal Journey Through Chronic Illness, Bullies, and Spirituality, she writes about the difference between overcoming and failing at your challenges.

Been There, Done That, Wrote This! is written to prepare people for life after diagnosis and as a guide to the many challenges that will arise connected to it. And, it is not just a physical illness that can cause suffering. We all encounter trials and painful situations where we will need a reminder to put things into perspective.

How we perceive our individual challenges changes the outcome drastically. Life is not just a collection of events. It is also about what we can learn from what happens. Phillips's experiences prove that there is power in choosing freedom over victimhood. Through this book, she aims to show how others can apply this to their lives too.

"Wise, warm, inspirational, loving. Michele is a wonderful, warm, loving person, a great narrator that will keep you wanting for more until the last word."
— Leposava Todorova, Amazon Reader's Review

Been There, Done That, Wrote This! by Michele Phillips

92 Pages

ISBN 9781504389211

Born fighting for her life, she knows she has survived for a reason, and that she has a purpose. Her reason for surviving was not discovered until later in her life after she had been put on long term disability at the young age of 26. She learned to redefine success and what it means to truly succeed and find happiness through the lessons that life had thrown her way, and enjoys showing others who may be struggling how they can do the same.