Book Buzz: Bandit's Run by Jamie Brehmer

A true story about a lost dog and the family who sought to be reunited with him is Jamie C. Brehmer's Bandit's Run: A True Story.

Bandit was only three months old when he was brought into the Brehmer family. The Brehmer's always longed to have a Sheltie in the family, and it is for this reason that they had to go through three name changes before they came upon the perfect name to call this dream come true. They called him Bandit owing to the fact that, from the start, they stole their hearts.

When Bandit was eighteen months old, he ran through an open gate. Immediately, the family went looking for him. The search was long and full of uncertainties. Bandit is a shy dog with a skittish personality out in the world.

As his owners looked for him and hoped for his return, they took comfort in imagining where Bandit's adventure has taken him. Inspired by the Disney films, they watched growing up and another beloved dog, Eric Knight's Lassie, they have written the story of Bandit's Run.

On one hand, this is a story about a hopeful journey that a beloved pet has taken while he is away from his family. There is something heartfelt and painful in this story that will resonate with anyone who has lost a pet, whether it was temporary or forever.

Bandit's Run: A True Story, on the other hand, highlights the relationship between a pet owner and a pet. For readers who have never had a pet in their lives, Bandit's Run is an incredible eye-opener to the kind of love and belongingness an animal family member can give. For readers who are blessed with animal companions, reading Bandit's Run would surely make us hold our pets a little longer the next time they are beside us.

What a story! I read this book in one shot, alternately clutching my own dog, and sobbing.
Melissa Pearson, Amazon Reader's Review

Bandit's Run by Jamie Brehmer

48 Pages

ISBN 9781496902504

Born and raised in California and the youngest of three children, Jamie Brehmer has always been an avid animal lover. Pets were more than just animals; they were family members. She always felt she connected with the family pets more than anyone ever really knew. She moved to Indiana in 1995 with her husband and two children, and of course, they always had pets. Bandit was the sheltie they had always hoped to add to their family. The bond they shared was immediate from the beginning, which made his absence ever more heartbreaking to the family. She could not turn her back on him or give up looking to bring him home as long as she knew he was out there.