Book Buzz: Apophenia by A. L. Benalla

Not everything is as it seems. Sometimes, the connections and meanings between things, events, or people are meant to deceive those who mistakenly believe that they understand. This is the theme of Adam Benalla's cerebral murder mystery aptly titled, Apophenia.

The story opens with death. A professor is found to have killed himself, a terrifying school shooting, washed-up bodies in the West Haven River filling the entire city with fear and inexplicable fascination, and two weeks after these tragedies, another dead body turns up in Georgia. This time, it belonged to the daughter of the recently deceased professor. So much death in such a short period, all of them incredibly tragic in their own way. Are these deaths connected? What or who do these events have in common?

It is evident from early on that this case is a complicated one. It is a puzzle within a puzzle that the bureau is trying to piece together to lead to a suspect. They eventually found one, and that person is Dante Betti. Some would say that Dante is a madman, a recluse, or a dangerous armchair philosopher. As for Dante, he is an intellectual constantly seeking higher truths. He is so wrapped up in his own thought process that even though he is well versed in the rules of logic, his actions speak otherwise.

Senior Special Agent Alan Morris and his partner, Special Agent Manny from the bureau have come across people like Dante in their many years of service. But, as they follow the details of these cases, what they realize is Dante might be the most dangerously insane of them all. The trail of evidence leads to Dante, but does it end with him? Something with these cases says that things are not always as they appear.

In Apophenia, readers journey along with Senior Special Agent Alan Morris as he runs into questions that lead to dark answers as he investigates his last case. Apophenia takes the readers into an intricate and convoluted series of mysterious deaths and the quest to find out who has orchestrated the tragedies and why. 

"Incredible depth. This writer has a way of weaving complex characters and plot through a seemingly ascetic story. Truly remarkable."
— Amazon Reader's Review

Apophenia by A. L. Benalla

384 Pages

ISBN 9781796038590