Book Buzz: Animated Stills: Poetic Pareidolia by Thomas G. Reischel

Pareidolia is defined as the tendency to perceive a specific image in random or ambiguous visual patterns. Simply put, it is seeing "something" in something. Some consider this as an incorrect perception of what is in front of you. On the other hand, some find a hidden message, a story or some inspiration enveloped in the sights and sounds around us. If you are part of the latter, you will enjoy Animated Stills: Poetic Pareidolia by Thomas Reischel.

Reischel is a photographer who takes photos of nature and objects around him. The photos that he has included in this book are from his home state of Minnesota. Through his photography, he shares snippets of his home in a way that a local might take a casual walk and see new things within the already familiar scenery.

As a poet, Reischel breathes more life into the photographs by expressing the thoughts that he has captured in a picture and the imagination that the image sparks in him. These poems tell a story, share a bit of fact and history, or generate some humor between the poet and the reader.

Aside from sharing his thoughts and imagination with the world, Animated Stills: Poetic Pareidolia displays Reischel's technical and creative expertise. Students and teachers of poetry will appreciate the author's guidance throughout the book to fully grasp the concept and share this experience most authentically.

For the readers, this book is both a poetic and visual experience. Pareidolia adds a unique layer of mystery and playfulness to this shared journey. Aside from the beautiful poetry, this book is an interactive treasure hunt where readers might find the hidden images and say, "I see it too!"

Animated Stills: Poetic Pareidolia by Thomas G. Reischel

208 Pages

ISBN 978-1796061260

The author was born on 9/11/1948 and raised in Minnesota. He resides with his wife of 40+ years in its Capital of St. Paul, Minnesota. Since he was a freshman in high school, he has been writing poetry, when he had to write one as a class assignment. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a BS in Business. He has been a top-ranked poet on the FanStory site since 2011, with over 2000 Poems posted there. In 2015, he judged the poetry for the VOICE of KANSAS, Poetry Contest. He has over 900 photographs published on the Capture Minnesota website, an affiliate of Twin Cities Public Television. He has an acclaimed picture in the 2012 One Life Photo Journal. His Poem, "Enlightenment from the Merry-Go-Round," is published in Preston McWorter's book, Seeds of Enlightened Society. He is now retired. An avid Minnesota booster, he also lived in Colorado Springs from 1985 until 1991 and in St. James, LI, New York from 1991 until 1996. He has published three other books of poems in a series -Picture Poems, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and a 4th book, Take Flight, The Sonnets.