Book Buzz: Angels Helper Sign Language Coloring and Activity Book by Glenda Smith

Children are treasured creations in the eyes of God. Throughout the Bible, we are constantly reminded that children are blessings that we should cherish and protect. In Proverbs 22:6, we are instructed to "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.". We are called to guide all children in the word of God, no child left behind.

In her comprehensive and educational book, Angels Helper Sign Language Coloring and Activity Book, Dr. Glenda Smith welcomes all children to learn the sign language of every letter of the alphabet with biblical characters, scriptures, and song. Each lesson and bible verse has an accompanying Spanish translation for children who are Spanish speakers and those who want to learn the language. All these lessons are seamlessly integrated with each other as it is phrased to the familiar tune of B-I-N-G-O. To make the lessons more interactive, Smith has added fun illustrations that children can color in.  

Author, Dr. Glenda Smith, is an ordained minister who has served in her church and community for years. Her impressive academic background, as well as her vast experience in serving her community, has helped her create this book that will help parents, teachers, and caregivers mold children in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.

Angels Helper Sign Language Coloring and Activity Book is geared for children who want to learn about the word of God, the letters of the alphabet, and sign language. It is also a very comprehensive tool for children who are differently-abled and needing to communicate in sign language to also enjoy God's word. 

Angels Helper Sign Language Coloring and Activity Book by Glenda Smith

154 Pages

ISBN 9781728333625

Dr. Glenda Smith is an ordained minister where she served as Associate Minister at Christ Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, more than 16 years working with Human Resource Ministry and as Director of Education. She relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, where she serves at The Word Church under the leadership of Dr. R. A. Vernon and works with the Children’s Ministry. Dr. Smith has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Luke Evangelical Bible College and has studied for her Doctorate in Business Administration from Argosy University with ABD. She is a graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology, a graduate of Central Michigan University with a Master of Science Human Resources, has a BBA from Belhaven College and BS from Tennessee School of Religion in Theological Studies. Dr. Smith served as the Director of Human Resources for a Non-Profit Organization for four years. She served on the Board of Directors for Drapers’ Ministries and Olanda Drapers’ Associates and Ruth’s Global Outreach Services. She is the author of the Book “Righteous Never Forsaken, Never Beggin’ For Bread. She played the role of the preacher in the documentary and movie “The Legend of Little Horse.” She was the Co-Host of the Cable Talk Show “Women of Concern for the State of Tennessee” for ten years. She was named an uncommon Hero by Pax Television. She worked a Battle Ground State for President Barak Obama during his campaign. Dr. Glenda Smith is married to Darryl Smith, Sr. She is the proud mother of five children, with birthing two daughters. She has many adopted children and is loved by all. Dr. Glenda Smith’s motto is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Also, “If I can just be a Blessing to others, my living will not be in vain.”