Book Buzz: And God Whispered… a Message for Our Time by Ernie Pappa

Most people search for purpose and the truths to their existence at different points in their lives. We search for and explore our spirituality in different places. Some get lost along the way, and others find the connection to the truth within themselves.

According to author Ernie Pappa, And God Whispered… a Message for Our Time is a book that was more received than written. The truths found in this book came from within. Pappa learned to get in touch with the Spirit within himself from a very young age. Over the years, he has strengthened this connection through prayer, contemplation, meditation, and other spiritual practices. He has also deepened this connection by following its guidance throughout his life and allowing it to lead him towards his mission. The guidance of the Spirit, to him, felt like whispers protecting him from harmful urges and guides him with truth and wisdom to his spiritual growth. From these whispers spring the dynamic truth to existence, and the author has put these truths into writing to impart to anyone who desires to ponder and contemplate the reality of "All that Is".

Through And God Whispered, Pappa shares these "whispers" to guide the readers into the reality of "Oneness." This book is written with a free-flowing style that speaks beyond intellect and reaches the reader's heart and inner perception. And God Whispered provides food for deep pondering, meditation, and affirmations. It presents the readers with empowering truths and ushers them into Oneness and experience their own "Whispers."

And God Whispered is an invitation to seekers wherever they may be in their spiritual journey. It leads readers to a journey to awakening and becoming their true selves. This book provides the tools that you need for your journey of following the flow of where your spirit takes you.

"I feel that the information offered in this book will be of immense value to all who hear and integrate these words and are ready to move forward on their spiritual journey, wherever it may lead them."
—Amazon Reader's Review

And God Whispered… a Message for Our Time by Ernie Pappa

182 Pages

ISBN 9781796036985