Book Buzz: Always Ask for Raspberries: Chloe with an ‘E’ by Stephanie Bedenbaugh

When Stephanie Bedenbaugh's daughter left for college, she felt what most mothers would feel at that time. She was proud that her daughter is stepping into a new and important milestone in her life. But, like most mothers, she also felt a pang of emotional distress. The girl who once was her shadow will now step into her own and carve her own destiny. Some mothers are better at hiding these ambivalent emotions. Most of them think they are doing an excellent job of concealing it. However, as it is the nature of mothers, they have a love that overflows and manifests in many ways, it cannot be concealed. For Bedenbaugh, this love revealed in the form of beautiful words that she sent her daughter to demonstrate courage and inspire her. Word after word, she sent them until the list grew, and a beautiful pattern emerged. She shares these words of encouragement, inspiration, and transformation to every child, of all ages, all over the world in her book, Always Ask for Raspberries: Chloe with an ‘E’.

In Always Ask for Raspberries: Chloe with an ‘E’, Bedenbaugh borrows the wisdom of leaders like Malcolm Gladwell and Barack Obama. She dispenses advice on health, fitness, and personal grooming. She provides practical advice on managing money, highlights the importance of table napkins, and many more. Each of these lessons begins with a word that starts with an "E" such as Excellent, Educate, Economic, Entice, and Exquisite. These 25 words and their corresponding concise messages are Bedenbaugh's expressions of love to her daughter. They are also nuggets of wisdom that anyone can use.

If you are looking for a gentle encouragement or to start your day with a push in the right direction, Always Ask for Raspberries: Chloe with an ‘E’, is a book you can read and reread in any order you like, wherever you are in life.

"I received your book today and was quite Excited to read through it. I Enjoyed it very much. To have you as a friend means Everything to me."
— Chloe B., Amazon Reader's Review

Always Ask for Raspberries: Chloe with an ‘E’ by Stephanie Bedenbaugh

50 Pages

ISBN 9781503533059

"Stephanie "Chloe" Bedenbaugh is a human capital consultant, who provides "brilliant business results through people." A native of the Caribbean, Chloe is a single mom whose only daughter describes her upbringing as being "unconventional and opulent." Chloe experienced a transformation while dancing in the desert and continues to do so every day. She is a supporter of global enhancement through sustainability practices, community involvement, and world imports. Chloe makes her home in South Florida with her silky terrier, Kingsley."