Book Buzz: Afsana Seesana: Afgan Folk Story for Young Children by Shahnaz Qayumi

From a very early age, Afghan children are raised learning the value of giving. This upbringing is seen in both rich and poor households. Giving is not only a way to bring individuals and communities together, but its consequence is also a divine blessing. So no matter how small or big, Afghan children are taught to share spaces, food, or materials.  

Giving and sharing is embedded in the culture that it is reflected in their daily life as well as in the arts and literature. One great example of this is the Afsana Seesana, a nursery rhyme that Afghan children from many generations learn and share. Afsana in the Dari language means a story. The Afsana Seesana stories have been shared through generations in the form of nursery rhymes. Rhymes have the ability to stand the test of time because it is easy to remember and fun to recite. So for generations, even when people weren't able to read and write, the Afsana Seesana, along with many rhymes and verses have been shared to teach wonderful values to children of all ages.

To this day, the Afsana Seesana and the value of sharing are still alive. Author, Shahnaz Qayumi, shares the folk nursery rhymes to children of all backgrounds and cultures through her book, Afsana Seesana: Afgan Folk Story for Young Children.

Qayumi's Afsana Seesana helps children learn about the sequence of events, language development, semantics, and syntax. This book is also an excellent tool for parents and educators to teach children about coexisting harmoniously with others by learning about the different professions as well as the emotional and social skills of sharing.

With its delightful rhymes, lovely illustrations, and essential life lessons Afsana Seesana: Afgan Folk Story for Young Children is a book to share with children all over the world.

"What a wonderful children's book. Our niece absolutely loves this book. Very well done. I would highly recommend this to anyone!"
George Schoonover, Amazon Book Review

Afsana Seesana: Afgan Folk Story for Young Children by Shahnaz Qayumi

32 Pages

ISBN 9781499077551

Shahnaz Qayumi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. After finishing high school in Kabul, she went to Kiev, Ukraine on a scholarship where she received her Bachelors, and a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology and Pedagogy.

In 1980, she returned to Afghanistan and started working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology of Kabul University. She was forced to flee Afghanistan with her family to Pakistan because of the brutal communist regime that captured power in Kabul. She served in refugee camps while living in Pakistan. She left Pakistan shortly after and immigrated to Canada. She truly enjoys early childhood education and most of all is fascinated with the beauty of the diversity in world culture.