Book Buzz: Acceptance Is the Beginning of Change by Ralston G. Bishop


"From rags to riches and from riches to rags," this could easily be the tagline of the author, Ralston G. Bishop's life. His story is one with many twists and turns. From very early on, his life was filled with hardship and obstacles that many might see as the end. Thankfully, his life story is also one of overcoming and redemption. Bishop's life is a rich and, as he describes it, colorful narrative. He shares the peaks and valleys of his life in his book, Acceptance is the Beginning of Change: Motivational and Inspirational Memoir.

Bishop is the son of a single mother, a poor domestic worker who raised her children on her own. Born into a poor family in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Bishop grew up in the parish of St. Ann. The many challenges of his early life and the obstacles that he met growing up was one of the catalysts that sent him to a life of crime and ending up in prison. Through these events of his life, he has learned a lot of lessons. He reflects on the truths about poverty and how it affects people. Now a farmer and a poet, it can be said that Bishop is one of the lucky ones that came out of the other side.

Through his book, Bishop talks about his mistakes and the lessons that he has learned from them so that his readers may also glean from the wisdom that he has been blessed with throughout his life. For him, the most important reason why he is freed from his past is his complete faith and trust in God. He shares how one can learn from the regrets of their past, no matter how heavy they are, so that they can come to terms with the present and look forward to a new future.

Acceptance is the Beginning of Change is not just a memoir. It does not simply look back on the events of the past, it is also getting to know who Bishop became as a result of all of his experiences, good and bad. As he puts it, "It's not about the mistakes - it's about the lessons gained."

Acceptance is the Beginning of Change: Motivational and Inspirational Memoir by Ralston G. Bishop

132 Pages

ISBN 9781643670522

Ralston G. Bishop A.K.A Abdul A. Jairo, a Poet and a writer, bartender, farmer and a construction worker, Christian and visionary. Integrity is my strongest attribute and sincerity is the foundation on which it is built. I am a High School Graduate who went school shopping from on. I am a graduate of a Catering and Commercial School and a past student of a Bible Institute. My main passion in life is to help people Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally. My experiences in life have taught me much, so I always have plenty to share. Thanks be to The Most High God.