Book Buzz: A Stone of Hope by Janet Kleinman

Janet S. Kleiman's A Stone of Hope falls under the children's book category. Still, it is an excellent educational material for children learning about a part of our history that should forever be revered.

The story follows Lisa, a smart young girl who wants to show her grandmother around Washington, DC, for the first time. Lisa takes her tour guide duties seriously and wants to impress Grandma with all the historical sights to see.

While exploring the National Mall; however, Lisa realizes her grandmother knows more than she expected. Grandma tells Lisa firsthand stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and his crusade for equality. They read King's famous quotes together, and Grandma expands on each, providing Lisa with more stories and answering all of Lisa's questions. By the end of the day, Grandma has helped Lisa develop her own thoughts about equal rights—her gift to the young girl who finally understands why King's monument at the National Mall is a stone of hope.

A Stone of Hope is both informative and entertaining. Kleiman uses easy-to-grasp language and attention-catching photographs that breathe more details about King and the civil rights movement. Children who are learning about social studies will enjoy the book and will quickly understand how King played such an important role in American history. 

Furthermore, a section called "Did You Know?" includes additional information about King and the civil rights movements. Some photographs were taken during King's "I Have a Dream" speech, giving readers access to that time in history when one man's dream for equality became a nation's hope for the future.

A Stone of Hope is a remarkable masterpiece. A highly recommended book for kids and adults alike. 

A Stone of Hope by Janet Kleinman

ISBN 9781943401413

Janet, a child of immigrants, is not only a novelist but also an active member of her community. She lives in Florida, where she spends her time writing and lecturing about her latest novel, Good-bye Russia, Hello America. A visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. motivated her to write A Stone of Hope, a brief history for children and their parents.