Book Buzz: A Mind's Eye View by Marie Thompson

Have you ever followed the journey of a bug, even for just a few seconds? Or, inspected a morning dew up close and marveled at how it reflects the whole world in a tiny package? If not, you are missing out.

Inspired by the many details of life, within and without, Marie Thompson treats her readers to A Mind's Eye View. This book is divided into three categories: Essays, Poetry, and Short stories. In each medium of writing, she shares her observations on the many things that comprise her life experiences. With her writing, she dissects each one and finds hidden messages and enlightenment in them.

Thompson believes that everything, from a spider, to clutter, to her own DNA, is up for inspection and reflection. Life has an abundance of things that can bring joy and insight. The only thing for us to do is to look closely. Each encounter with nature or people can present a whole new world of wonder if we let it.

A Mind's Eye View inspires its readers to take a closer look at the many exciting and wonderful things that life has laid out in front of us. It encourages us to appreciate even the things that we consider to be mundane. If we look closer, nature and everything around us has micro-stories to tell.

A Mind's Eye View by Marie Thompson

ISBN 978-1796013184

Marie Thompson is a transported Londoner living in California. She has published short stories, poetry, and essays. Clipton Secrets is her first book.