Book Buzz: A Ladybug Called Lily by Barbara Rose Sumner

A surefire favorite!

Barbara Rose Sumner’s book, A Ladybug Called Lily, is a collection of five delightful stories about an equally charming ladybug.

Lily was hatched in a garden full of calla lilies. Her parents were excited to welcome her, but everyone instantly thought something was terribly wrong with the little bug. Her color was bright pink instead of red, and she had a circle of light—a halo—around her entire body. It was impossible not to notice how different Lily was from other newly hatched ladybugs, especially since her halo would shine so bright, but Lily grew up to prove that different is not bad at all.

One day, Lily and her friends had planned to go on a picnic, but her mother insisted on their house rule: work first then play. By the time Lily was finished with all her chores, the bright and beautiful day had turned to a rainy one, and Lily had to stay indoors.

Her friends meanwhile made it to their picnic. They didn’t notice the gathering rain clouds until it started to rain. They rushed to find shelter, but a huge tree branch fell in front of them, trapping them in the gardens.

Debbie, Cindy, Anna, Peter, and Tony were so scared. Tony tried to be brave, but he knew it would soon be very dark and they had nowhere to go. After one attempt to move the tree branch, the friends gathered underneath a big leaf, feeling defeated. They were almost hopeless when they saw a light in the dark—Lily had come to their rescue!

The ladybugs who thought Lily was different, asked Lily to help them find the other bugs, and Lily was more than happy to oblige. Her halo provided the rescue party with much-needed light. Without her and her halo, the gardens would have been impossible to navigate in the dark, and they wouldn’t have found the missing little bugs.

The rest of the stories in Sumner’s A Ladybug Called Lily are just as beautiful as the first, “The Rescue.” Full of adventure, fun, and moral lessons, kids, and kids at heart will surely love every story. Lily the ladybug is proof that it doesn’t matter how you look. When you have a heart of gold, you can’t help but shine.

A Ladybug Called Lily by Barbara Rose Sumner


ISBN 978-1504397315

Review by Kelly McKean

Barbara Rose Sumner, a lifelong storyteller, embraced her love of writing over fifty years ago. Her first piece of writing, a poem entitled, "I Strive for Fame," was published in her elementary school newspaper. This writer brings a wealth of ideas to her writing that she acquired from her childhood experiences growing up in Chicago, as well as her interactions with children during her thirty-seven years of teaching and her treasured experiences as the visiting storyteller to her three loving grandchildren. All of these experiences have been immeasurably valuable in helping this writer find her unique voice as an empathetic storyteller who can effectively relate to the varied social and emotional domains of her characters.