Book Buzz: A God in the Moon: Your Guide to the World of the Trinity Matrix by Roger Turner

In the movie, The Matrix, people were enclosed in a world of illusion, a very elaborate facade created to harvest the human essence to power those who want to control the world. Although The Matrix is a work of fiction, it is scary to think about a world where humans are only used for their energy and discarded as soon as they are depleted. But, what if, like in the movie, we are truly deceived and kept in a state of subservience by the powers that be?

Author Roger A. Turner presents startling evidence in his book, A God in the Moon: Your Guide to the World of the Trinity Matrix, that in the case of The Matrix, art did imitate life. In this book, he journeys with the readers to uncover the truth behind ancient and modern beliefs and how they affect the inner and outer world that we inhabit. According to Turner, most of these truths have been manipulated or completely hidden from us by the schools, churches, books, mainstream media, and the internet.

In this book, Turner takes a deep dive into the trinity of the earth, sun, and moon. He examines the history, mythology, religious symbolism, and the significance of the trinity to our world - both our inner universe and the outer reality. Turner pieces together the connection of The Trinity Matrix, forming our world and translates it into the context of money, war, world events, and mind control.

A God in the Moon encourages its readers to take a look at our "accepted" reality, to question it, and to see for ourselves that the world is more complicated than what we currently understand. This book is for those who are seeking to break the illusion and as a jump-off point to clearly see the human race's past, present, and future.

A God in the Moon: Your Guide to the World of the Trinity Matrix by Roger Turner

258 Pages

ISBN 9781984503862

After a lifetime of experiencing and questioning religions, philosophies, and science Roger Came to a conclusion that many others seem to have missed or had kept secret. He has written his thoughts and findings in this book that summarizes his desire to see a peaceful world that we all can enjoy.